How do you create a report in Dynamics NAV?

To create a blank report and add items to the dataset

  1. In the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment, on the Tools menu, choose Object Designer.
  2. In Object Designer, choose Report, and then choose New.
  3. In Report Dataset Designer, the first line contains DataItem in the Data Type column.

What is Jet Reports in Navision?

Our full featured product Jet Reports is made for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, NAV and GP to offer advanced reporting across multiple data sources with automated consolidations, flexible report formatting capability, scheduling, collaboration, report version management, and a web portal to access your …

What is Rdlc report in Navision?

What is RDLC Report? The Report Definition Language (RDL) Data is a report component that is used by Microsoft Dynamics NAV to display the report in the Role Tailored client. Microsoft Visual Studio Report Designer is an external designer that is used to design the visual element (the RDL data) of a report.

How do I create a Navision list page?

To create a List page

  1. Open the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment, and then on the Tools menu, choose Object Designer.
  2. In Object Designer, choose Page, and then choose New.
  3. In the Table text box, choose the up arrow, select the Customer table, and then choose the OK button.

How do I query objects in Navision?

A query is a new object in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 that you use to specify a set of data that you want to read from the Dynamics NAV database. You can query the database to retrieve one or more fields from a single table or multiple tables. You can specify how to join the tables in the query.

How do I run a jet report?

Open your report in Excel. On the Jet ribbon, select Run > Run in Background….Running in Background from Excel

  1. Review the options and, if necessary, correct them.
  2. Click Run. A warning dialog box will be displayed.
  3. Click OK to continue running the report.

Is Microsoft Dynamics NAV a database?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server is a . NET-based Windows Service application that manages communications between Dynamics NAV clients and Dynamics NAV databases in SQL Server. It uses the Windows Communication Framework (WCF) as its communication protocol.