How do you defeat the Archon in Darksiders 2?

While he’s on the ground, employ more fierce dodging, again, going in with Deathgrip for close quarter melee right after one of his attacks misses. He’ll soon regen his wings, so wait for Archon to use his flying charge which is easily sidestepped, then turn and deliver the finishing blows.

How do you unlock the crucible in Darksiders 2?

Unlocking the Crucible After defeating the Guardian, you’ll receive an invitation to the Crucible, sent to your inbox. Retrieve it by visiting any Tome (such as the one in Tri-Stone). A Tarot Card will be attached in the invite that will serve as a pass for you to challenge the first stage of the Crucible.

How do you beat Archon Amar?

Your best advantage over Amar is that he is very slow and has a tendency to be delayed after his attacks, especially after a leap or while he is doing his combo attack. If you are fighting Amar on Mars, you can make use of the wide area to keep your distance from him as he barely uses any ranged attacks.

How do you beat the Crucible?

How to beat Crucible Knight: top tips for success

  1. Don’t take the Crucible Knight on too early.
  2. Back way off before healing.
  3. Attack just once or twice before retreating.
  4. Watch out for the two tail attacks.
  5. A parry goes a long way.

How do you unlock the new war?

The player must have completed Prelude to War. They must also own a Railjack and a Necramech, either from completing Rising Tide and Necraloid Syndicate after Heart of Deimos respectively or purchased with Platinum.

Is the new war replayable?

The big news here is that Tenno will be able to replay The New War, Warframe’s latest and greatest story-based expansion to date. This means you’ll be able to explore more of the questline and make different decisions to see how it affects the plot.

How many rounds are in the crucible?

The Crucible is an arena challenge where you are assaulted by numerous enemies in four stages of 25 waves each. It is unlocked once you’ve defeated the Guardian at the end of the Forge Lands. You can access the Crucible from any realm.

What level should I be to beat the Crucible Knight?

We’d recommend taking on the Crucible Knight when you’re Level 40 or above. If you’ve just started the game, we’d even suggest moving forward with your playthrough and maybe returning once you’ve leveled up some more.