How do you describe the family of Rizal?

Researchers revealed that the Mercado-Rizal family had also traces of Japanese, Spanish, Malay and Even Negrito blood aside from Chinese. Jose Rizal came from a 13-member family consisting of his parents, Francisco Mercado II and Teodora Alonso Realonda, and nine sisters and one brother.

Where is Rizal family now?

Some of these heroes have descendants still living in the Philippines. The Rizal clan, for example, still enjoys prominence in Calamba, Laguna, while former DOTr Secretary Jun Abaya can proudly say that his great-grandfather was the Emilio Aguinaldo.

Who are the 11 siblings of Jose Rizal?


  • FRANCISCO MERCADO (1818-1898)
  • TEODORA ALONSO (1827-1913)
  • SATURNINA RIZAL (1850-1913)
  • PACIANO RIZAL (1851-1930)
  • NARCISA RIZAL (1852-1939)
  • OLYMPIA RIZAL (1855-1887)
  • LUCIA RIZAL (1857-1919)
  • MARIA RIZAL (1859-1945)

What can you say about Rizal family background?

The parents of Jose Rizal were both farmers who were granted by the Dominicans with the lease of a hacienda together with a rice farm. The mother of Jose Rizal, Teodora, had Spanish and Japanese ancestors while the father of Teodora was a half Spaniard engineer known as Lorenzo Alberto Alonzo.

What can you say about the parents of Rizal?

Francisco Mercado
Teodora Alonso RealondaFrancisco Rizal
José Rizal/Parents

How old Jose Rizal died?

35 years (1861–1896)José Rizal / Age at death

Is there anyone related to Jose Rizal?

Jeremiah Villaroman is related to Jose Rizal’s eldest sister Saturnina.

What part of Rizals body was shot?

But the Spanish captain in charge of the execution told him that he had orders to shoot him in the back. Rizal reluctantly agreed, but he firmly refused to kneel or be blindfolded. One last request of Rizal was that the soldiers spare his head and instead shoot him in the back near the heart.

How many family members of José Rizal?

Jose Rizal came from a 13-member family consisting of his parents, Francisco Mercado II and Teodora Alonso Realonda, and nine sisters and one brother.

Who was the favorite sister of Jose?

Saturnina Rizal Mercado de Hidalgo (June 4, 1850 – September 14, 1913; née Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda), or simply Saturnina Hidalgo, was the eldest sister of Philippine national hero José Rizal.

Is Jose Rizal a genius?

Jose Rizal was a man of exceptional talent and intelligence. He was considered a Universal Genius. 1.) Jose Rizal could write and read at age two and grew up to speak 22 languages including Latin, Spanish, Catalan, German, French, English, Chinese and Japanese.

What is the true full name of Jose Rizal?

Many know that the full name of Jose Rizal is “ Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda .” But, you bet, not many are aware of how our beloved Filipino hero got each element of the name. So let us slice up and explain each of the “name” in the so-called “Jose Rizal full name.”

What are facts about Jose Rizal?

There are three animals named after Rizal.

  • He was already a terrific sculptor even at a very young age.
  • When he was studying in Spain,Rizal had to pawn a ring owned by his sister Saturnina just to pay for his exams.
  • Rizal was about five feet three inches tall and had a waistline of about 25″ to 26″.
  • How many the girlfriends of Jose Rizal?

    There were at least nine women linked with Rizal;namely Segunda Katigbak, LeonorValenzuela, Leonor Rivera, Consuelo Ortiga, O-Sei San, Gertrude Beckette, NellyBoustead, Suzanne Jacoby and Josephine Bracken.These women might have been beguiled by hisintelligence, charm and wit. 3. Segunda Katigbak was his puppy love.