How do you get a job at bridgespan?

Each fall, Bridgespan recruits Consultant candidates from campus as well as directly from other organizations. To be eligible for a Consultant position you must have an MBA and 2 years of pre-graduate school work experience OR an MPP or MPA and 3+ years of professional work experience.

Is bridgespan part of Bain?

Bridgespan was launched in 1999 by Thomas Tierney, formerly managing director of Bain & Company, professor Jeffrey Bradach, from Harvard Business School, and Paul Carttar, formerly a vice president at Bain & Company….The Bridgespan Group.

The Bridgespan Group’s Boston Office

How do I prepare for bridgespan interview?

We suggest you practice at least 5 case interviews prior to your first interview. We also suggest that you ask a friend to help you prepare, practice walking through the case out loud as though you were in an actual case interview.

Does McKinsey hire international students?

McKinsey definitely sponsors visas as they did for me. In order to do so you either have to join post your studies in the US (either undergraduate or postgraduate degree) or you can work for an office in your country and then transfer over after 2 years if you’re a high performer.

Does McKinsey offer H-1B?

In 2019, McKinsey & Company applied for 347 H1B visas. Of the work permits applied for, 99% were approved. An in-depth look at ‘Certified-withdrawn’ H1B applications at McKinsey & Company unveil that one approved work permit application was withdrawn before the employee’s start date.

Why do you want to work at Dalberg?

We are entrepreneurs At Dalberg, we take a fresh approach to every challenge we enter into. We are both problem solvers and partners, and while much of what we do may sound like typical management consulting, our work is always tailored to the issue at hand.

How much do partners at BCG earn?

Average BCG Partner salary in India is ₹ 110.5 Lakhs per year for employees with less than 1 year of experience. Partner salary at BCG ranges between ₹ 60 Lakhs to ₹ 200 Lakhs per year.