How do you get a SLurl?

Alternatively, you can also use the World Map to get SLurls: Select World menu > World Map. Click Copy SLurl….To make a new SLurl:

  1. Move your avatar to where you want to create the SLurl.
  2. Right-click and Copy the SLurl while it’s selected, or use Ctrl+V.
  3. Paste the SLurl where you want it.

How do I make Firestorm my default viewer?

The default viewer is the one where the checkbox is checked. If you would like to change the default viewer, simply click the viewer of your choice in the list. That’s it.

Why does firestorm keep freezing?

This is an out of memory error. If you get this error frequently, things to try: Lower your Draw Distance. Close out other processes/programs not needed.

What is a Slurl?

SLurl provides direct teleport links to locations in Second Life. Clicking on an SLurl will bring the user to a webpage which shows a world map of Second Life with the location highlighted.

How do you link things in Second Life?

To link the prims, hold down the Shift key and select one prim. While still holding down the Shift key, click on the second prim. Press Ctrl-L. You now have one object.

Why does my Second Life viewer keeps crashing?

If your graphics card drivers are out of date, Second Life will keep crashing in Windows 10, so make sure that you’re running the latest graphics driver versions on your computer. Go to your driver manufacturer’s website, and download the drivers from there. Restart your computer and then launch the game again.

How do you get landmarks in Second Life?

To do this, while in the location, click World > Create Landmark Here. A window will open showing the details saved in the landmark. You can access the landmark at any time by opening your inventory (click Inventory at the bottom of Second Life) and opening your Landmarks folder.

Why does Second Life keep crashing?

Why can’t I log into firestorm?

Your Firewall Is Preventing the Connection: Try disabling your firewall software completely and then try to log in again. If you are successful, then you need to allow the viewer access through the firewall.