How do you get crowbars in gw2?

Rewarded byEdit

  1. Completing any of the following events: Clear out the Mordrem threat (3-6) Defeat the wyvern so the Pact helicopter can land (8) Defend the Pact encampment against hylek attacks (4) Escort the nobles to the highland ruins (4)
  2. Completing the story step Prologue: Rally to Maguuma.

How do you make Chak acid?

Help Vincere Shieldstep find the scattered members of his team (3-4) Join Nokta as he tracks the chak using magic trails (3-4) Join the ogres in defeating the Mordrem (3-4, 10) Keep the resonators running until they draw in a large target (3-4)

How do I get airship parts?

Airship Parts are currency obtained in Verdant Brink from various events. They are stored in the Account Wallet….Rewarded byEdit

  1. Completing the group event Find and slay the treasure mushroom!
  2. Completing the map Verdant Brink (50).
  3. Rewarded for completing events in Verdant Brink.

Where do I get exalted keys gw2?

Sold byEdit

Vendor Area Zone
Exalted Mastery Vendor Noble Ledges Tarir, the Forgotten City Verdant Brink Auric Basin
Ley-Energy Matter Converter
Priory Arcanist Northwatch Descent Auric Basin
Priory Arcanist Northwatch Descent Auric Basin

How do you get Chak eggs in gw2?

Chak Eggs are tokens which can be obtained in Tangled Depths….Has a chance to drop from the bonus chest given after the completion of certain events in Tangled Depths:

  1. [Group Event] Defeat the chak lobber!
  2. [Group Event] Kill the enraged chak overlord (80)
  3. Rescue Zildi’s Assist-o-Matic by slaying the chak lobber (80)

How do you farm exalted keys?

Completing any of the following events:

  1. Battle in Tarir (1-7)
  2. Catch mushrooms and plant them for Tarocheeki’s farm (3-4)
  3. Clear Mordrem near Exalted mirrors while Adanich powers-up Southwatch (3-4)
  4. Collect sediment from the fallen Exalted for Arcanist Mariette (3-4)
  5. Defeat Overseer Rannik and rescue Adanich (3-4)

How many exalted chests are there?

Exalted Chests are a reward for completing the Assault on Tarir meta-event in Auric Basin. Eight of these chests are located throughout a previously closed section of the tunnels beneath Tarir.

Where can I buy Chak infusion?

the Mystic Forge
Chak Infusions are a type of infusion that can be obtained from the Mystic Forge. They are an upgrade to the Chak Egg Sacs found attached to Charged Quartz Orichalcum Amulets of the Chak. While Chak Egg Sacs provide Celestial stats, the infusion version is limited to the stats of the Agony Infusion it is combined with.

Where can I buy exalted keys?

Sold byEdit

Vendor Area Cost
Exalted Mastery Vendor Noble Ledges Tarir, the Forgotten City 8 + 24
Exalted Mastery Vendor Noble Ledges Tarir, the Forgotten City 5 for 40 + 1 20
Ley-Energy Matter Converter 0
Priory Arcanist Northwatch Descent 10 + 96

How many chests does Auric basin have?