How do you get Legion loyal in Mass Effect 2?

Preparing Legion’s Loyalty Mission in Mass Effect 2

  1. Trigger A House Divided Right away: use what little time left to have a loyal Legion help save the crew.
  2. Conduct the Suicide Mission with a disloyal Legion: take Legion on the final mission, then complete A House Divided if he survives.

Can you regain Tali loyalty?

When Tali & Legion Argue, take Tali’s side or resolve the argument. If you do not take Tali’s side, go and speak to her right away after the argument and use your morality dialog option to regain Tali’s loyalty.

Why is destroying the Geth renegade?

Destroying them will help pave the way for the two races to settle their differences. And peace is the only way you can keep both Tali and Legion on your side. In fact, either companion can die if the conflict between the Geth and Quarians remains.

How much Paragon do you need to stop Tali and Legion?

Resolve Tali and Legion’s Argument Without Taking A Side Both will make their points and then Shepard will be prompted to make a decision as to how to resolve it. Provided the player has four bars worth of paragon and renegade points, they will be able to end the argument without siding with one or the other.

What are companions in Mass Effect 2?

Companions in Mass Effect 2 are special NPCs that can be recruited to join the player’s party.

How to get Legion in Mass Effect 2?

How to get Legion in Mass Effect 2 is just the start. You have to win Legion’s loyalty and keep them alive as well. Recruiting all of the Mass Effect characters gives you the best chance of surviving in the trilogy’s two toughest moments, but one of the trickiest to deal with is Mass Effect 2 Legion.

Is there a romance option for female Shepards Mass Effect 2?

Garrus is a romance option for female Shepards. 4. Recruiting Mordin – All Mass Effect 2 Squad Members Mordin is one of the most important characters to have in Mass Effect 3 if you want the most positive ending in that game, plus he’s just so amazing, so you’ll definitely want to recruit this Salarian scientist ASAP.

What happens after the mission ends in Mass Effect 2?

After the mission ends, you’ll only have time to take on one more quest before you have to enter the Relay (if you don’t, then your crew starts dying). Securing the crew’s loyalty before this point gives everyone a better chance of staying alive during the suicide mission, which is required for seeing Mass Effect 2 ’s good ending.