How do you get out of the hotel lobby in The Last of Us?

Now that you and Ellie are back together once more, go all the way up the ladder and then explore the hotel until you find the exit. Push the piano up against the wall, climb up it, then head right. Keep walking in the direction of the light to leave the hotel for good.

How many Firefly pendants are in The Last of Us?

30 Firefly pendants
Collectibles in The Last of Us come in five varieties: There are 85 artifacts, 30 Firefly pendants, 12 Training Manuals, 14 comics, and 5 tool level upgrades.

What are artifacts in Last of Us?

Artifacts are objects found in the game that tell small bits of side-story. This can be through old pictures, diary pages, maps, and other scraps of paper. Collecting all of these will earn you the trophy It Was All Just Lying There.

Where are all the artifacts in The Last of Us?

The Suburbs

  • Boat Note – Inside the cabin of the boat you see early on.
  • Sewer Note – Inside the locked section Ellie crawls into.
  • Trading Note – Inside the room where the pair of Clickers lurk.
  • Rain Catcher Note – On a desk in the room with the rain barrels.
  • Cornered Note – On the ground by a corpse behind the blue door.

How do you open the safe in the hotel in the last of us?

At the top of the ladder, turn right and go down the lobby stairs, you can inch your way back up the other side. There’s an Artifact up here that gives you the combination to the safe. After you climb the ladder, on the right is a passage you can shimmy by to retrieve this artifact in the suitcase.

Where is the keycard in the hotel lobby in the last of us?

How to Obtain

Chapter: Pittsburgh
Place: Hotel Lobby
Explanation: Making your way back to Ellie after getting seperated. You will need the keycard to open the door. It located in the office right after you make way around the gap.

What do you get for collecting all Firefly pendants?

the Light trophy
Collecting them all will earn you the Look for the Light trophy.

How many artefacts are in The Last of Us?

85 artifacts

Where are the artifacts in The Last of Us 2?

Where to find the Last of Us 2 Strange Artifact. You can pick up the Strange Artifact in the Hostile Territory chapter of The Last of Us 2 – Seattle Day 1 for Abby – which takes place after the aquarium flashback chapter.

What are artifacts in The Last of Us 2?

Artefacts are documents or items that you can discover in the world, which will be added to your inventory. They are generally represented in the world by a sheet of paper, symbolising that you can collect them, although there are exceptions to this rule.