How do you get past Zora King in Ocarina of Time?

Dive down the waterfall and go into the underwater tunnel to Lake Hylia. There’s a bottle underwater nearby so grab it and show the letter inside to King Zora. Stand on the pedestal in front of him, target King Zora and use the bottle with the letter inside.

Who is the Zora King?

King Dorephan is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series. He is the ruler of the Zora and, by the time of Breath of the Wild, has been for up to 200 years; he is also the father of Princess Mipha and Prince Sidon.

How do I get Princess Ruto out of Lord Jabu-Jabu?

The main thing to mention is you need to talk to Princess Ruto a few times until she “lets” you carry her around the pulsating innards of Jabu Jabu. With her added weight, you can press switches that Link otherwise cannot. You can also leave her on a switch to keep a door open, enabling Link to pass through.

Does Link marry a Zora?

So, after she gives Link the Zora’s Sapphire, Princess Ruto subtly proposes marriage to Link. Link does not understand, but accepts the stone regardless and continues on with his quest. After Link is sealed away in the Sacred Realm, he awakens and is given a new quest; to awaken the Seven Sages.

How old is the Zora King?

King Dorephan is 255 years old, but he is expected to maintain the throne until he dies; on the other hand, Muzu is around 268 but will likely not retire until he feels he’s done all he can to look after the Royal Family.

Where is King Zora’s daughter?

When Link first meets King Zora, he is worried about his daughter and wants to know her whereabouts. It is at this point where Link has to bring him a bottle found in Lake Hylia, which contains a note from King Zora’s daughter, Princess Ruto.

Where do you take Ruto?

Take Princess Ruto down the hall to the opposite side where you got the boomerang. The red tentacle blocking it previously has now been eliminated. Inside is a blue-colored Parasitic Tentacle that requires the same extermination process as the previous one.

Does Link love Malon?

In the non-canon manga, Malon is another character who is confirmed to have strong feelings for Link, falling in love with him after he plays her Epona’s Song on the ocarina. Of Link’s supposed girlfriends, Malon is among the few who he treats pretty well.