How do you get Pichu in Crystal?

Breed two Pikachus to get Pichu. Breed two Electabuzzes and you get Elekid. Breed two Clefairies and you get Cleffa. Breed two Jigglypuffs and you get Igglybuff.

How do you evolve Pikachu in Pokémon Crystal?

Use the Thunder Stone on your Pikachu. You can use your Thunder Stone on Pikachu by selecting it from your bag and then selecting the Pikachu. This evolves Pikachu to Raichu.

What level does Pikachu learn thunderbolt in Pokémon Crystal?

Moves learnt by level up

Lv. Move Power
26 Thunderbolt 95
33 Agility
41 Thunder 120
50 Light Screen

What Pokémon can you not get in Crystal?

Absent Pokemon in Pokemon Crystal

Vulpix Ninetales Mankey
Primeape Mareep Flaafy
Ampharos Girafarig Remoraid

Does Pokemon Crystal have all Pokémon?

Like all Pokemon games, Pokemon Gold, Pokemon Silver, and Pokemon Crystal differ in a handful of ways….Gold and Silver Version Exclusive Pokemon.

Pokemon Silver Pokemon Gold
Skarmory Gligar
Ledyba Spinarak
Ledian Ariados
Delibird Mantine

Is Pikachu the strongest Pokémon?

The Strongest Pokemon Currently In Ash Ketchum’s Roster (Excluding Pikachu) Alongside Pikachu Ash has caught many Pokemon over the years, but these would arguably make his best competitive team. We all know Ash Ketchum’s strongest Pokemon is Pikachu.

What moves does raichu learn in Pokemon Crystal?

Moves learnt by level up

Lv. Move Type
1 Quick Attack Normal
1 Tail Whip Normal
1 ThunderShock Electric
1 Thunderbolt Electric