How do you get to the Hao race in GTA 5?

To unlock the Airport race, you MUST complete the first two races. After a day or so, Hao will send you a text message confirming a race at the LS Airport later in the evening. Make your way to the race in the evening and bring the $1000 entrance fee to start the race.

How do I start the HAOS mission?

This mission is available after completing Tonya’s first mission. Hao will be waiting by the freeway during the evenings, so approach him and he’ll inform you of a car race nearby. Be sure to have a fully Modded car to get the Gold requirements for this mission!

Do you have to do the races in GTA SA?

Finishing all races in first place gives the player an additional $1,000,000; doing so is also necessary for achieving 100% completion. The air races are an exception as they are considered “won” as long as the player simply completes the set course – there are no competitors or time limit.

Where can I meet Hao?

To find Hao’s Workshop location in GTA Online, you need to head to the LS Car Meet icon in Cypress Flat. This is to the southeast side of Los Santos, and we’ve indicated it on the map above – you can also scroll down the list of markers to highlight the LS Car Meet.

Where are the street races in GTA story mode?


  • Street Race #1 – Shift Work (Pillbox Hill / Adam’s Apple Blvd) 0:00.
  • Street Race #2 – City Circuit (Vinewood Hills) 4:07.
  • Street Race #3 – Airport (Los Santos International Airport / New Empire Way)
  • Street Race #4 – Freeway (La Mesa / Popular St)
  • Street Race #5 – Vespucci Canals (Vespucci Canals / Palomino Ave)

What cars can you bring to Hao?

Imponte Arbiter GT.

  • Übermacht Sentinel XS.
  • Grotti Turismo Classic.
  • Pfister Astron Custom.
  • Where are the street races in GTA?

    List of Street Races

    • Street Race – Back at the Rancho.
    • Street Race – Beachfront Runner.
    • Street Race – Country Pursuits.
    • Street Race – High Society.
    • Street Race – Home Street Home.
    • Street Race – The Business End.
    • Street Race – Up Your Alley.

    Where are the street races in GTA V?

    There are four races that you can participate in, and they are located in Clinton Avenue, Los Santos International Airport, Del Perro Freeway, and the Vespucci Canals. During the night, street races can be located on the world map.

    How many driving school missions are there in GTA San Andreas?

    In the mobile edition of GTA San Andreas, the “Spin and Go” exercise is omitted, presumably due to difficulties that may arise from attempting to perform the said maneuver with the limited controls on a mobile device. Despite this change, at the beginning of the tests, it will still say that there are twelve lessons.