How do you get weapon points zero in Maplestory?

How To Obtain Zero Class Weapon Points. Weapon points are obtained from Kritias Dungeon (Daily limit: 3) and defeating Bosses. Hard Kritias dungeon 3x a day will give you a ton of Weapon points so make sure to do that everyday along with your other bosses. Other dungeons give Weapon points but not as much.

Is zero a good bosser Maplestory?

As a bosser Zero gets some very useful skills that make them a good end-game bosser. They come equipped with several Iframes that have reducible cooldowns, including one that allows you to be immune for 15 seconds. In terms of damage, Zero has some unique property that make it useful when it comes to scaling up damage.

What is a zero weapon Maplestory?

Long Swords are the exclusive weapons of Zero, and the true form of Lazuli. They are two handed weapons that serve as the primary weapons of Alpha, and the secondary weapons of Beta, used interchangeably with Heavy Swords.

How do I unlock zero link skills?

In order to achieve the link skill levels for Zero, you need to level up your Zero character; you may refer to the following list on what levels are required for each level of the link skill: Link level 1 will be obtained at level 110. Link level 2 will be obtained at level 130. Link level 3 will be obtained at level …

What level does zero unlock Legion?

The Legion system is unlocked via a quest from Dame Appropriation (available in most towns) once you have a cumulative 500 levels on a single server. In order to contribute to this 500 requirement characters must be at least level 60 with a second job advancement (level 130 for Zero).

Does zero have a link skill?

In the case of Zero characters, their Link Skill is leveled up by completing certain quests, up to five each. In cases of classes like the Explorers, Cygnus Knights, or Resistance, they can reach an even higher level cap when combined with other characters with the same link skill.

What level do you get zero link skill?

Does Zero count towards Legion?

Legion basics Only the highest level Zero character will count towards the total level, and any other characters must be at least Level 60 with 2nd Job Advancement completed in order to count for a Legion.