How do you give an IM injection in the gluteus medius?

Gluteus medius muscle The left hand is used for the right hip and vice versa. While keeping the palm of the hand over the greater trochanter and placing the index finger on the anterior superior iliac spine, stretch the middle finger dorsally palpating for the iliac crest and then press lightly below this point.

Is the gluteus maximus a right place for intramuscular injection?

Taking all factors into account, the consensus is that suitable areas for injection are provided in the gluteal muscles, the vastus lateralis, and the deltoid. The upper outer quadrant of the gluteal area is perhaps the most com- monly used injection site and the gluteus maximus is the muscle usually injected.

Which muscle is intramuscular injection into the hip?

The hip. Healthcare professionals often give intramuscular injections into the ventrogluteal muscle of the hip. This muscle is a very safe injection site for adults and infants more than 7 months old because it is thick and located away from major nerves and blood vessels.

Where is the best place to give an IM injection?

The hip is a good place to give an injection to adults and children older than 7 months. Have the person lie on the side. Put the heel of your hand where the thigh meets the buttocks. Your thumb should point to the person’s groin and your fingers point to the person’s head.

What is the best site for IM injection?

A ventrogluteal site is the most commonly used and recommended site for IM injections in adults and children of walking age because of the large muscle mass. This site is located away from the superior and inferior gluteal arteries as well as the sciatic and superior gluteal nerves,9 and is also the least painful.

What is no longer a recommended IM injection site?

Additionally, the rectus femoris (the middle third of the rectus femoris) is no longer a recommended site because it may cause discomfort and pain. A previous study reported that one disadvantage of this site is that nerves and numerous blood vessels run very close to it.

Where is the best place for an IM injection?

Intramuscular injections are often given in the following areas:

  • Deltoid muscle of the arm. The deltoid muscle is the site most typically used for vaccines.
  • Vastus lateralis muscle of the thigh.
  • Ventrogluteal muscle of the hip.
  • Dorsogluteal muscles of the buttocks.

How many ml Can you give IM in gluteal?

If the patient’s available muscle tissue is limited and the dorsogluteal muscle must be used, volumes of up to 4 ml can be administered into this site. The ventrogluteal muscle can accommodate up to 2.5 ml, with a maximum volume of 3 ml.