How do you italicize in EndNote?

To make this change, do the following:

  1. In EndNote, go to the EndNote 8 or later menu and select Preferences.
  2. Under Display Fonts, change the General Display Font to the font of your choice.
  3. Save your changes, close the Preferences window, and try changing the font attributes of your style or text once again.

How do you change italics To et al?

However, in microsoft words, highlight just one et al in your work, press control F, click REPLACE ALL and type et al in the box REPLACE WITH, highlight the et al, press CONTROL I and click OK. All the et als in your work would be in italics. I hope this would solve the problem.

How do I change the reference style in EndNote for Mac?

Editing a referencing output style

  1. Open EndNote.
  2. Go to Edit > Output Styles > Open Style Manager.
  3. Select the style you want to edit. You may need to add a style to EndNote (see the Downloading output styles into EndNote box to the left).
  4. Click Edit. The style window opens.

How do I change the reference style in EndNote X9 Mac?

EndNote reference management software, Clarivate Analytics, Version X8, 2018.

  1. From the EndNote tab, click on the Style drop down menu on the ribbon.
  2. Select the desired output style if displayed, or choose the Select Another Style option.
  3. Find the desired style in the EndNote X9 Styles dialog box and click on Choose.

How do you italicize journal names in EndNote?

On the left panel, click “Bibliography” > “Template” > in “Journal Article”, select and highlight “Title” > go to main toolbar, “Edit” > “Font” > choose “Italic”, also choose “Bold” in the same way. This is to set the article name in an italic and bold font.

How do you show et al?

If a reference has six or more authors, display the first name followed by ‘et al’ in the citation. If a reference has three or more authors, display all three authors in the first citation, but for any subsequent citations use the first name, followed by ‘et al’.

How do you cite et al in-text?

The abbreviation “et al.” (meaning “and others”) is used to shorten in-text citations with three or more authors. Here’s how it works: Only include the first author’s last name, followed by “et al.”, a comma and the year of publication, for example (Taylor et al., 2018).

How do I change the reference font in EndNote?

To access these settings, go to the Edit menu (“EndNote” menu on Mac), select Preferences, and then click Display Fonts in the list of preferences. You can control the following Display Font settings: Library: The Library tab determines the font and size EndNote applies to the references listed in the Library window.

How do I change the reference style in EndNote?

Editing reference styles

  1. In EndNote, go to the Tools menu.
  2. Go to Output Styles and select Open Style Manager.
  3. Locate the style you wish to edit and click to highlight it.
  4. Click on the Edit button.
  5. Select the part of the style you wish to edit from the menu on the left, such as:
  6. Edit as necessary in the right hand pane.