How do you make a MATLAB standalone app?

Create Standalone Application Installer Using compiler. package. installer

  1. In MATLAB, locate the MATLAB code that you want to deploy as a standalone application.
  2. Build the standalone application using the compiler.
  3. Create an installer by using the Results object buildResults as an input argument to the compiler.

Can MATLAB be compiled?

MATLAB Compiler™ enables you to share MATLAB® programs as standalone applications and web apps. With MATLAB Compiler you can also package and deploy MATLAB programs as MapReduce and Spark™ big data applications and as Microsoft® Excel® Add-ins. End users can run your applications royalty-free using MATLAB Runtime.

Do you need a compiler for MATLAB?

Compilers are not required to run basic MATLAB or Simulink, or the basic functions of most of the toolboxes.

How do I make a program executable in MATLAB?

Steps for Compiling a MATLAB Script

  1. Load the modules: % module load matlab % module load gcc/4.7.3 # or later.
  2. If this is the first time you are using MATLAB to create an executable, run: % matlab -nodisplay >>mbuild -setup >>exit.
  3. Compile the script into an executable.

Can you run a MATLAB app without MATLAB?

Create a standalone application if you want to run MATLAB code on target machines that do not have MATLAB installed. Compile the MATLAB code by running the compiler. build. standaloneApplication or mcc command, or by using the Application Compiler app.

What is MATLAB Compiler SDK?

MATLAB Compiler SDK includes a development version of MATLAB Production Server™ for testing and debugging application code and Excel add-ins before deploying them to web applications and enterprise systems.

Can you run MATLAB apps without MATLAB?

What compiler does MATLAB use?

If you only have the MinGW® compiler installed on your system, MATLAB automatically chooses MinGW for both C and C++ applications. If you have multiple C or C++ compilers, type this command to choose a C compiler.

Is there any online compiler for MATLAB?

Online MATLAB/Octave Compiler (GNU Octave, v4. Edit, Run and Share your Octave Code directly from your browser. This development environment provides you version GNU Octave, v4. 2.1.

How do you deploy a MATLAB app?

Follow these steps to deploy a MATLAB application to a Java-based application server:

  1. Compile the MATLAB application into a Java ARchive (JAR) or Web application ARchive (WAR) file using MATLAB Compiler SDK.
  2. Install the Java class and the MATLAB Runtime on the application server.

How do I run a MATLAB script online?

To start using MATLAB Online, go to For more information about MATLAB Online, including supported license types, specifications, limitations, and system requirements, see MATLAB Online Overview.