How do you make a sunken slab?

Steps for Construction of Sunken Slab Pour the concrete and cure it adequately. The concrete needs to be sufficiently dense and watertight. Spray a mixture of cement and waterproofing material on the reinforced concrete sunken slab. Place a plaster layer with cement mortar on the sunken slab.

How do you design a slab depth?

The depth of slab depends on bending moment and deflection criterion. the trail depth can be obtained using: Effective depth d= Span /((L/d)Basic x modification factor) For obtaining modification factor, the percentage of steel for slab can be assumed from 0.2 to 0.5%.

What is the sunken slab?

Sunken slab. Sunken slabs are cement-based slabs used for waterproofing. It is a kind of slab casted to prevent water leakages in the underground pipes. The use of having a sunken slab is to conceal all the pipes below the floor.

Is sunken slab good?

Advantages of Sunken Slab: All plumbing pipes are concealed inside the slab in this type of slab. To reduce noise during usage of the bathroom there is no need for special plumbing fixtures in the sunken slab. These slabs provide good plumbing systems and also used where security systems are to be installed.

Is sunken slab necessary?

Why sunken Slab is done in bathroom areas? A sunken slab is done basically to conceal/hide drainage line and floor traps of a bath unit. The usual depth of sunken slab is 200 – 250 mm, in case of you want to have Eastern Water Closet (EWC), and 400 – 450 mm, in case you are going with orissa pan (IWC).

What is effective depth of slab?

Summary. Effective Depth (d) – The effective depth (d) of a reinforced concrete floor slab is the distance from the compression face to the centre of the tensile steel when an element is subjected to a bending moment.

How do you calculate sunken load?

Design of Sunk Slab

  1. D.L = 0.1 x 25 = 2.5 kN/m²
  2. Filling Load = 0.35 x 18 = 6.3 kN/m²
  3. L.L = 2 = 2 kN/m²
  4. Floor Finish = 0.75 = 0.75 kN/m²

What is used to fill sunken slab?

Material Used to Fill Sunken Slab: Lightweight broken CLC blocks are used to fill the sunken slab and these blocks are the best alternative to Light Weight Cinder, Broken bricks, Brick Jelly, Coal lumps, Burnt Tar lumps, and AAC Blocks.