How do you make sloe berry syrup?


  1. Wash the sloes.
  2. Place all the ingredients into a pan bring to the boi.
  3. Bring to the boil and simmer for 40 minutes.
  4. Strain in a metal sieve.
  5. Strain through cheesecloth.
  6. Keep refrigerated and use within a week or freeze.

What can you make from sloe berries?

Five Ways to Turn Leftover Sloe Berries into Christmas Gifts

  • SLOE JAM. A jar of sloe jam isn’t just a gorgeous seasonal treat, it’s also an ideal stocking filler and is simple to make, too.

What can I use sloes for?

Preserve them as sloe gin, sloe wine, sloe jelly, sloe syrup, and sloe plum cheese. A spoonful of sloe jelly can be added to plum pies or used in sponge cakes. Traditionally, sloes used for sloe gin are picked after the first frost as this helps the alcohol to permeate the fruit.

How do you make sloe juice?

Wash the sloe berries and place them in a large glass jar. Pour enough hot water over the sloes so that they are covered by one inch. Cover the jar and let it stand for one day at room temperature. After about 24 hours, pour off the sloe juice and bring it to a boil again.

What do you do with sloes after making sloe gin?


  1. Decant the sloe berries from the gin and put the sloes into a lidded container.
  2. Mix in the sugar and wine, stir well and leave for up to three months. Give it a shake as and when you remember.
  3. After three months add in the brandy.
  4. Decant the sloe port from the container and enjoy!

When should I pick sloes?

For the best flavour, wait until the berries are ripe. They should be a rich dark purple and should squash easily between your fingertips. It’s a good sign if they’ve already started to drop naturally to the ground. If you’re picking them for sloe gin then traditionally you wait until after the first frost.

What do I do with sloes after making gin?

How do you know when sloe berries are ripe?

Do sloes have any health benefits?

There are some good health benefits to be had from eating sloes. They have lots of Vitamin C and tanins. They are said to improve digestive problems and reduce inflammation in the mouth. Steeping the flowers in water makes a soothing wash you can gargle with to help relieve sore throats and tonsils.

How long should you leave sloe gin?

It will take at least four weeks for your gin to take on a really rich flavour and colour, and you can leave it for much longer if you wish – we’d recommend up to three months. Many people leave their sloe gin to steep for years!

When should sloes be picked?

Sloes should be picked when ripe and rich dark blue-purple in colour, and can be squashed. Some may have already fallen to the ground naturally. Traditionally sloes shouldn’t be picked until after the first frost, as it’s thought the frost splits the skin.

Can you eat raw sloe berries?

Culinary uses and recipes with Sloes It’s technically a fruit and is the smallest and tartest of all the Plum family fruits. Although it’s extremely tart to eat raw, the fruit is great when infused in alcoholic drinks.