How do you open the safes in Metro: Last Light?

The first safe and key is found at the very start of the level, go to the first set of stairs and go down. At the bottom is the key to the safe, after getting the key go up the stairs to the top level, jumping the broken stairs. Then go through the rebar door. The safe is in that room.

How many safes are in Metro: Last Light?

Open 10 locked safe boxes.

How do you beat the Red Square in Metro: Last Light?

Run towards the glowing light on the dirt wall ahead of you. Stay there out of the winds path, if you step out it will push you into a heavily radiated area and you will die. Move along as the Dark One instructs, staying close to him and hiding behind cover when he says so. Loot any dead bodies you find along the way.

Can you shoot Lesnitsky?

At the very end of the “Contagion” chapter, you will go through a burning area and encounter Lesnitsky. He is holding a hostage. You can either shoot him in the head or wait for instructions. For this trophy / achievement you may not shoot him!

What are the red keys in Metro Last Light?

The only way to open these safes is to acquire a small safe key with a red ribbon. These keys are hidden in various areas, usually fairly close to the safe they are supposed to open, but not always. They are also often very easy to miss and require a bit of exploring to find.

What happens to Pavel after Metro Last Light?

The Chronicles Pack level, “Pavel”, explains what happened to Pavel after he escaped from Artyom and Simon in Venice. It reveals that Pavel was captured by the leader of the bandits, who tied him up and tortured him.

What are the red keys for in metro?

Throughout the game, the player will find themself stumbling upon locked safe boxes that are hidden away in certain areas of a level. The only way to open these safes is to acquire a small safe key with a red ribbon.

Which last light ending is canon?

The story of Metro: Last Light confirms that the Ranger ending was the canon choice for Metro 2033.