How do you prevent mold on reeds?

You can do that with some bleach diluted in water but also vinegar is going to do a good job. Anyway, periodical soaking in water containing some bleach will help. Wash off your reeds after use before you put them away.

What are Rico reeds made out of?

Rico Royal reeds are made out of a premium-grade cane that creates a consistent response and playability. Rico Royal reeds are also available for Eb clarinet, bass clarinet, and alto clarinet.

Are plastic saxophone reeds any good?

Plastic reeds are excellent in that they can produce a sound which rivals that of good cane reeds while being more consistent and playing right out of the box. However, even the best plastic reeds will be surpassed by the best cane reeds in both quality of sound and responsiveness.

Why do my reeds get moldy so fast?

Registered. Sometimes different kinds of reeds hold moisture better than others, so if you are using different ones then it’s likely mold.

What is the difference between RICO and RICO Royal reeds?

Both reeds are high quality reeds from the same cut. However, one is un-filed while the other is filed. Royals had been seen as a step up from the orange Rico, however, this is not really the case; rather a preference with the musician if they prefer the tone they make from a filed or unfiled reed.

Are Rico reeds any good?

Rico and Vandoren are both highly regarded brands. We would recommend Rico as the best reeds for beginners because they are cut from the most flexible grade of cane and are very thin. Therefore it is easy for beginners to play their first notes without too much effort.

How do you soften a hard saxophone reed?

The easiest way to soften a reed is to use 400-600 grit sandpaper to remove some of the cane just above the bark (thicker part of the reed) as well as near the tip. Alternatively, you can gently bend the area beneath the tip of the reed up and down for about a minute, which makes it much softer.

What is cork grease for saxophone?

Cork grease is a lubricant for woodwind and reed instruments such as saxophones, clarinets, bassoons, and oboes. These instruments are designed to be disassembled into parts for easy storage and portability, and the joints between parts feature cork seals.

Are plastic reeds better than wood reeds?

Plastic (synthetic) reeds are not better than wood reeds. Although some people may prefer a synthetic reed because it is consistent and long-lasting, most players prefer natural cane reeds because of the warmer sound and feel. It’s is all about what each player prefers.

Do plastic reeds break?

Légère synthetic reeds are rugged and should last for many hours of playing, however, the tip is fragile and the reed can split or break if it is mishandled.