How do you prove Leuvaarden is innocent?

For Leuvaarden, Finding out that he is the one who pays for Salamandra badges during the course of Wanted quest will provide the “Definitive Proof” for his innocence.

Where is Leuvaarden Vizima?

the Trade Quarter
Leuvaarden seems a resourceful and wealthy man with extensive contacts. He lives in the Trade Quarter of Vizima. During the day he can be found on the Dike, from where he runs his business.

How do you prove Kalkstein is innocent?

The only way to prove Kalkstein innocent is through the quests A Gravedigger’s Gratitude and Anatomy of a Crime.

Where is Yaevinn?

You should be able to find Yaevinn at Golan Vivaldi’s house in the Temple Quarter. He goes into hiding there after the bank robbery.

Is Vivaldi guilty?

Vivaldi deemed guilty by any means: I need to speak with the dwarf. Vivaldi is guilty.

Is Ramsmeat guilty?

Ramsmeat deemed guilty by any means: Ramsmeat is guilty.

How did Lambert become a witcher?

One day, his father lost his way returning home from the tavern and stumbled into a Nekker’s nest. Unfortunately, a witcher saved him and expecting payment, invoked the Law of Surprise which resulted in Lambert being given to him and was brought to Kaer Morhen.

Who was the very first witcher?

The oldest of the main cast is Vesemir who has been around Kaer Morhen the longest and trained many of the other Witchers on the show. Some of Vesemir’s pupils include Geralt, Eskel, and Lambert, but there are plenty more.

Is Kalkstein guilty?

Kalkstein is in collusion with Azar, I’m now convinced. I need to confront the alchemist. Kalstein is guilty.

Where is Siegfried The Unforgiven?

You’ll find Siegfried at the Order Cloister (in the Temple Quarter), just like normal, but Yaevinn will be in Vivaldi’s house (also in the Temple Quarter) rather than in the Druids’ Gove (in the Swamp Forest).

Who is Coleman Witcher?

Coleman was known as a “white death merchant” by the elves. He worked for Ramsmeat, dealing fisstech and was the intended recipient of the parcel Haren Brogg gave to Geralt in Chapter I, until it is “confiscated” by Jethro.