How do you replicate metadata in SAP BW?

You have the following options:

  1. Choose Replicate Metadata in the Data Warehousing Workbench in the DataSource tree through a DataSource context menu. or.
  2. On the initial screen of the DataSource repository (transaction RSDS), select the source system and the DataSource and then choose DataSource Replicate DataSource .

How do you replicate data source from r3 to BW?

Creating DataSources in R/3 and Replicating Them to BW

  1. Run transaction SBIW and click Maintain Generic DataSources, or run transaction RSO2.
  2. Because our BW system is 2.0B, click the BW Release 2.0 button.
  3. Enter ZVENDOR_ATTR as the View/table and other information as shown, and then click.

How do you replicate data sources in Hana studio?

Go to Logon & Security tab, Enter Language, Client, ECC system user name and password. Click on the Save option at the top. In SLT system,Run transaction − ltr (to configure RFC connection) → New browser will open → enter ECC system user name and password and logon.

How do you activate a PSA table?

3 Ways to find PSA Table Name

  1. Use table at SE11 , Table – RSDSTS: click on display, choose, contents , you can.
  2. At RSA1, left side select info provider or Data source, go to respective data source ,select your data source(showed.

How do you replicate data sources in ODP?

Replicating DataSources for ODP Source Systems

  1. In the source system context menu, choose Replicate DataSources in the Data Warehousing Workbench in the source system tree. or.
  2. In the root node system context menu, choose Replicate DataSources in the Data Warehousing Workbench in the DataSource tree.

How do you create a DataSource in BW?


  1. Select the application components in which you want to create the DataSource and choose Create DataSource.
  2. On the next screen, enter a technical name for the DataSource, select the type of DataSource and choose Copy.
  3. Go to the Generaltab page.
  4. Go to the Extraction tab page.
  5. Go to the Proposal tab page.

How do I create a data source in SAP HANA studio?

  1. Creating a DataSource Using the Wizard.
  2. Real-Time Replication (controlled by SAP BW∕4HANA)
  3. Remote Subscription of Type UPSERT.
  4. Remote Subscription of Type INSERT.
  5. Condition for Static Filters for SAP HANA DataSources.
  6. Packaged Data Transfer from an SAP HANA Source System.

How do I create a flat file datasource in SAP BW4HANA?


  1. You are in the BW Modeling tools.
  2. Make the required entries in the wizard and then choose Finish.
  3. Make general settings for the DataSource on the Overview tab.
  4. On the Extraction tab page, specify the extraction properties.
  5. On the Fields tab page, define the field list and the properties of the fields.

What is PSA table?

The PSA table is generated for an active transfer structure in this case. The PSA as a standalone application is managed in an object tree of the Administrator Workbench. You can still use this technology when your data model is based on the previously available objects and rules (DataSource 3.

What is ODP SAP bw4hana?

With SAP BW/4HANA, Operational Data Provisioning (ODP) now becomes the central infrastructure for data extraction and replication from SAP (ABAP) applications to a SAP BW/4HANA Data Warehouse.

How do I extract data from s4hana to bw4hana?

How to Extract data from S4 to BW

  1. Create a CDS view with relevant category either cube or Fact or dimension with data extraction annotation declared.
  2. Create a source system under ODP-ABAP CDS view in the target BW system.
  3. Create a Data source on CDS view created in S4.
  4. Select Proposal from ODP.