How do you roll in SWTOR?

By default, if you just type “/roll”, you will display a random number between 1 and 100 to the members of your group who are nearby. If you add an argument to the command (i.e., /roll 20), you will display a random number to the rest of your group between 1 and 20.

How do you stop walking in SWTOR?

To toggle between walking and running, all you need to do is press the / button in the upper right part of your keyboard, right next to the num lock button.

How do you crouch in swtor?

The cover mechanic in SWTOR is simple but effective. Pressing the F key or the middle mouse button will cause your character to take cover. If there’s nothing around behind which you can actually take cover, your character will simply drop to one knee and improvise.

Can operatives take cover Swtor?

operative is more stealth but has all the cover attacks(lvl 1-10). Sniper is more cover. I have an operative and i prefer it more then the sniper cuz i do not like cover, but that is my opinion. I use Cover every 30s for explosive probe because it hits like a truck.

Why is swtor running slow?

Shutdown Background Programs. Running programs in the background could easily be the issue causing SWTOR to run so slowly. Even simple programs like Internet Explorer and Firefox could be causing the problem. Simply exit these problems, then attempt to run SWTOR again.

How do you sprint in swtor?

Once you’re in the Abilities menu, Sprint is listed under the tab for your class skills. And then drag it to an empty slot on a skillbar. Hold water, a sieve may not, but hold another sieve, it will – Yoda.

How many Quickbars can you have in swtor?

Free-to-play players will have 3 quickbars for a total of 36 abilities, preferred players will have 5 bars for a total of 60 abilities, and subscribers will have 6 bars for a total of 72 abilities.