How do you slow cook baby back ribs on the grill?

Prepare the grill for indirect cooking; preheat to approximately 220 degrees F or the lowest heat you can achieve. (My last grill would never go below about 250 degrees and this was fine.) Grill the ribs over indirect heat with the lid on for 5 hours total, rotating the racks once every hour or hour and 15 minutes.

How long will it take to cook baby back ribs at 250?

A 3-pound rack of baby back ribs should take 5 hours to cook at 250 degrees and 3 to 4 hours at 275 degrees. For spare ribs, the process takes about 6 hours at 250 degrees and 5 hours when you ramp up the temp to 275.

How long does it take to cook baby back ribs at 225 degrees?

Baby back ribs are usually done in about 5 hours when smoked at 225 degrees. Since spare ribs are larger, they benefit from an extra hour on the grill.

How long does it take to cook baby back ribs at 275?

Bake the ribs at a low temperature (275°F) for 2 ½ to 4 hours or until they are tender. Slather the baked ribs with barbecue sauce, and then broil (or grill) the ribs for a few minutes until the sauce is caramelized.

How do I slow cook pork ribs?


  1. Preheat oven to 250°F. Rub pork ribs with the rib rub.
  2. Wrap ribs in tin foil. Place in oven and cook 2 to 2.5 hours.
  3. Remove from oven and discard juices. Baste with the rib sauce on both sides.
  4. Place back in oven for 30 minutes, basting every 5 minutes until sauce is sticky.
  5. Cut ribs into pieces and serve.

How long does it take to slow grill ribs?

Your ribs will be done when they become tender and the meat is loose around the bones, which can be 4 to 5 hours. To speed up the process or to increase the tenderness of the ribs, you can pre-cook the rack. Ribs cooked on a barbecue smoker at a low temperature for several hours will be very tender.

How long do you cook ribs at 200?

Arrange ribs in a large heavy pan with a lid*, fat side up. See note below if you do not have a lid to fit your large pan. Pour barbecue sauce over the ribs, cover tightly and place ribs in oven. Reduce the temperature to 200 and cook ribs for 6-8 hours.

What are the Best Ribs for a slow cooker?

Slow Cooker Rib Tips. These are going to be some of the best ribs you will ever have! Slow cooker ribs are tender and juicy every time! Dry Rub: Be generous with the dry rub, if you need to double the recipe and make sure the ribs are well coated on both sides.You really want the rub everywhere so that you have great flavor.

How do you cook ribs in a slow cooker?

Combine bbq sauce,brown sugar,cider vinegar,oregano,Worcestershire sauce,cayenne pepper,and chili powder in a small bowl.

  • Salt and pepper the ribs.
  • Cook low and slow for eight hours or high for four hours.
  • After the ribs are done,spoon the bbq sauce in the slow cooker over the ribs before removing.
  • Cut the ribs,serve with bbq sauce.
  • Enjoy!
  • How to make ribs in slow cooker?

    Pork Ribs: Baby back,spare ribs or St. Louis style ribs.

  • Dry Rub: The dry rub is a combination of paprika,garlic powder,onion powder,chili powder,salt and pepper.
  • BBQ Sauce: Use your favorite store bought BBQ sauce or try my sweet and tangy homemade BBQ sauce.
  • What is the best way to make baby back ribs?

    Preheat a gas grill for high heat,or arrange charcoal briquettes on one side of the barbeque to create a hot side and a cooler side.

  • Prepare dry rub (see recipe below) and sprinkle on both sides of the ribs to coat generously.
  • Wrap the ribs in foil and place them on the cooler side of the grill over indirect heat.