How do you stop a butternut canker?

In a forest stand or managed woodlot, infected trees should be removed as quickly as possible to limit the spread of the disease. Remove any tree with at least 30% of its crown leafless and at least 20% of the trunk’s circumference affected by the fungus.

Why are butternut trees dying?

Butternut trees of all ages are killed by butternut canker disease, caused by Sirococcus clavigignenti- juglandacearum (Sc-j), a fungus found throughout butternut’s range. Although butternut is affected by other pests and diseases, Sc-j is the most serious threat to butternut’s survival (Furnier et al., 1999).

How do you protect butternuts from insects?

You can also cover the stems of the butternut squash plants with cardboard tubes to discourage pests.

Can you cut down a butternut tree in Ontario?

Generally, it is an offence under the Endangered Species Act, 2007 (ESA) to kill, harm, or take a Butternut tree. However, Ontario Regulation 242/08 (under the ESA) provides exemptions for some activities pertaining to Butternut.

Can you sell butternut wood?

Any Butternut wood from a non-retainable tree can be used, bought or sold.

Where is the butternut canker located?

Range. In Canada, the butternut tree is found in southern Ontario, south west Quebec and New Brunswick. Butternut canker has been reported throughout the entire native range of butternut in Canada and the United States. In some areas of the United States it has killed up to 90 per cent of the butternut population.

How do you prune a butternut tree?

Keep all butternut tree branches that are attached with strong U-shaped joints. Remove those branches with narrow, V-shaped connections because they are weaker and are likely already cracked. Achieve crown raising by removing all the branches that are facing downward at the bottom of the tree.

What do you spray on butternuts?

Chemical sprays at the beginning of flowering stage using malathion baits and fruit fly spray. Control can be done using Dimethoate,Diazinon or Metasystox. Harvesting is done when butternut is about 15cm length. Avoid the butternut ripening on the plant as this prevents new flowers from development.