How do you tell if a formula is binary or ternary?

Binary ionic compounds contain two elements: one metal and one nonmetal. are binary ionic compounds. Ternary ionic compounds contain three elements, at least one metal and one nonmetal.

What is ternary formula?

Naming Ternary Ionic Compounds When more than one polyatomic ion is present in a compound, the formula of the ion is placed in parentheses with a subscript outside of the parentheses that indicates how many of those ions are in the compound. In the last example above, there is one Fe3+ cation and three OH− anions.

What are binary Formulas?

The formula for binary compounds is written as A+B→AB.

What are binary and ternary compounds?

The difference between binary and ternary acids is that binary acids are chemical compounds that are composed of hydrogen as an essential component that is bonded to a nonmetal whereas ternary acids are acid compounds containing hydrogen and oxygen atoms bonded to another element, most of the times, a nonmetal.

What is an example of ternary compound?

An example is sodium phosphate, Na3PO4. The sodium ion has a charge of 1+ and the phosphate ion has a charge of 3-. Therefore, three sodium ions are needed to balance the charge of one phosphate ion. Another example of a ternary compound is calcium carbonate, CaCO3.

What is binary molecule?

Binary molecular compounds are compounds that consist of exactly two nonmetal elements. Examples include HF, NO2, and P2O5. Naming binary molecular compounds is really quite easy. The first element is given its element name; the second is given its root (hydr, bor, carb, ox, fluor, etc.) followed by ide.

Is fe2o3 binary or ternary?

With Fe2O3 we have a transition metal and a non-metal. This is a binary ionic compound. Name the metal as it appears on the Periodic Table.

Is mgcl2 binary or ternary?

MgCl2 is a binary ionic compound. Name the metal (Magnesium) as it appears on the Periodic Table.