How do you use a hot electric comb?

What To Do

  1. Apply a heat protecting spray or serum.
  2. Make sure hair is totally dry.
  3. Section your hair before you start.
  4. Make sure you have the desired setting.
  5. Use a flat iron before your comb if you have super thick, curly or unruly hair.
  6. Use a heat protectant surface to place your electric comb on when not in use.

What does a hot comb do to your hair?

A hot comb (also known as a straightening comb or pressing comb) is a metal comb that is used to straighten moderate or coarse hair and create a smoother hair texture. A hot comb is heated and used to straighten the hair from the roots. It can be placed directly on the source of heat or it may be electrically heated.

What is the best plug in hot comb?

Top electric hot combs for natural hair 2021

  • Andis 38300 450ยบ F high heat Press Comb.
  • Gold N Hot Professional Styling Comb.
  • Conair Hype hair Ultra-hot Hot Comb.
  • Sorlakar Hot Comb Ceramic Hair Straightener.
  • Secura Hair Straightener Comb.
  • Terviiix Electric Hot Comb.

How long do you heat a hot comb?

Hold the comb over a stove burner for 30 seconds. For an electric stove, hold the teeth against the hot burner, and use medium to medium-high heat.

Does hot combing damage natural hair?

Hot combing too can damage your hair shafts and cuticles. A study suggested that women who used a hot comb to straighten their hair suffered from damaged hair cuticles and hair loss on their crown.

How do you keep your hair straight after a hot comb?

Separate it into sections and run a brush through it as you dry. Apply a heat protectant to your hair. To protect your hair from the high heat, apply some product to each section of hair before you straighten it.

Can you put an electric hot comb on the stove?

For an electric stove, hold the teeth against the hot burner, and use medium to medium-high heat. Test the comb on a white paper towel. After 30 seconds, test the comb before you use it by setting it on a white paper towel. If the towel turns brown, your comb is too hot and will damage your hair.