How do you use exemplary in a simple sentence?

Exemplary sentence example

  1. His carefulness was exemplary , and his references are always exact.
  2. His actions were exemplary in both respects.
  3. Their behavior was often exemplary , with mature responses to challenging situations.
  4. For more than thirty years since then, its public art program has been considered exemplary .

Can you say you are exemplary?

If you describe someone or something as exemplary, you think they are extremely good. Underpinning this success has been an exemplary record of innovation.

What is an exemplary person?

Exemplary people excel at what they do and are excellent examples to others. Something exemplary is so good that it is an example for others to follow.

How can I be an exemplary person?

5 Fundamentals For Becoming An Exemplary Leader

  1. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Believing in oneself is the essential first step in developing leadership competencies.

Can you say most exemplary?

Exemplary may also be used to describe something that may serve as a deterrent. The comparitive form of exemplary is more exemplary, the superlative form is most exemplary.

How do you write an exemplary?

The exemplar is written in the first person. It describes in detail a particular clinical situation that includes the nurse’s thoughts, feeling, intentions actions, critical thinking and decision-making process. memorable or something you remember as important, significant or that comes to mind periodically.

What is exemplary quality?

excellent or done in a way that other people should try to copy. Her patience is exemplary. Synonyms and related words. Extremely good or of a high quality. excellent.

What is an exemplary student?

10. 5. The definition of exemplary is an excellent model or example, or a sample worthy person or thing. An example of exemplary is a student getting straight A’s.

What is exemplary essay?

An exemplification essay is an argumentative essay that provides examples to prove a point.

What’s an exemplary essay?

By definition, an exemplification essay is a form of analytical or argumentative essay that utilizes examples to prove the writer’s thesis statement. When composing analytical or argumentative essays, it’s important to implement quotations, statistics, examples, and especially facts as pieces of evidence.