How do you use soft and beautiful botanicals texturizer?

Apply Botanicals Lite Crème Moisturizer evenly through hair. Use fingers to massage and create a curly, tossed look or comb thru hair to achieve a smoother wave pattern. TIP: For a sculptured look – comb hair into desired style and sit under a hood dryer or dry with a diffuser.

What is a hair texturizer?

A texturizer for natural hair is a chemical treatment that works to smooth and defrizz your hair while loosening up your curls. The treatment is left on your hair for no more than five minutes. While it’s similar to a hair relaxer, texturizers work to manipulate your natural texture to make your curls more manageable.

Should I wash my hair before texturizing?

Anytime you apply chemicals to the hair shaft, you run the risk of irritating the scalp. This is even more pronounced when you scratch a dirty head just a day or two before applying a texturizer. Wash your hair a few days before and make sure to condition it well, so your scalp doesn’t get dry.

How do you wash textured hair?

With textured hair, it’s harder to get to your scalp, so try washing in 2-4 smaller sections and work them each one at a time. Be careful to only use your fingertips, scrubbing in circular motions, and not your nails to avoid scratching your scalp.

Does texturizer ruin your hair?

“Texturizers are less potent than traditional relaxers, so in theory, they are less damaging to the hair. Most texturizer products include a few key ingredients to help condition and restore the hair. However, it is important to remember that a chemical treatment, no matter how ‘lite’ is still a chemical treatment.

Does texturizer damage your hair?

How often should texturized hair be washed?

According to Emilio, textured hair can still be cleansed on a weekly basis. “It’s best to cleanse the scalp at least once a week. Some do more frequently if they feel necessary, but you don’t want to cleanse too often or it’s possible you will dry out your hair,” she says.

Can you wash your hair with a texturizer?

Washing and Conditioning Texturized Hair That way, you can avoid any tangling. Moisturizing conditioner is the best for texturized hair. You should always wash your hair with warm water. Detangling is important during the wash to prevent matting; you should also do it curl by curl.