How do you use Tracker DTS?

If you turn the unit on while pressing the yellow button, the Tracker DTS will automatically switch from receive to transmit mode if it doesn’t receive a signal in a few minutes.

How do you use the beacon S tracker?

To flag/mark a given beacon, simply press the button on the face of the beacon until it flashes SS for signal suppression, which lets you know the beacon has completed this function. For very close proximity burials, you need to be aware that the Tracker S disengages the flag/mark after 60 seconds.

How do avalanche beacons work?

When turned on, the beacon transmits an electronic “beep” about once per second. Then, if someone is buried, everyone else in the party turns their beacon to receive, and they can hear the signal from the buried victim’s beacon; the signal gets stronger the closer you get.

How do you wear BCA Beacon harness?

Most manufacturers (including BCA) recommend keeping all electronics and metal objects 20cm (8 inches) away from your transceiver when in transmit mode. Many shell jackets have a radio pocket on both the right and left side of the chest, and most harnesses put your transceiver on the left side of your chest.

What do I do with old avalanche beacons?

If your avalanche beacon is over a decade old, it’s time for an upgrade. You can even make money off of it, thanks to a new promotion from apparel and mountain-safety brand Ortovox: turn in your transceiver—of any make and model—to an Ortovox dealer and get a $75 credit toward the company’s 3+.

When did the Tracker 2 come out?

The Tracker3 (released in 2014) and the Tracker S (released in 2019) are lighter and smaller, and include the ability to suppress a signal during a multiple burial….BCA Tracker2 Avalanche Transceiver Review.

Model: Tracker2
Manufacture: BCA
Retail Price: $285.00
Type: Digital

What is the range of an avalanche beacon?

Most avalanche beacon manufacturers claim a search range between 40 and 70 meters. This is the maximum distance from which the beacon will be able to pick up a transmitting signal.