How does a nut SERT work?

What Is a Nutsert? Nutserts, sometimes called rivet nuts or threaded rivets, are permanent nuts that can be inserted into existing or new holes. Like a rivet, the nutsert expands and deforms during installation to tightly hold the hardware in place. Unlike a rivet, a nutsert is threaded and can hold a bolt.

What is pneumatic pop rivet gun?

Master Hire’s air powered pop rivet gun, also known as a pneumatic rivet gun or air riveter, is used to drive rivets into pre-drilled holes. These units are ideal for sheeting, cladding or applying rivets to metal materials. A small air compressor is required to operate the air pop rivet gun.

How do you adjust a pneumatic rivet gun?

Adjusting a pneumatic rivet gun is a simple process. Leave the compressor regulator set at 90 psi, adjust the force of each blow with the dial at the base of the gun, hold the rivet gun against the solid surface and pull the trigger to test, finally adjust, and repeat if necessary.

How do I stop my rivnut from spinning?

spin the nut up the bolt, next the washer, then through the hole in the steel sheet and then into the riv nut so the bolt is fully through the depth of the riv-nut. Spin the nut down tight onto the washer and steel sheet, then while holding the bolt still with a wrench, use a second wrench to tighten the nut down.

How do hammer drive rivets work?

Hammer-drive rivets are very easy to set. By hitting the mandrel with a hammer, the rivet is pushed like a plug at the bottom side. After setting, the mandrel is locked in the body. Our Hammer-drive rivets come standard with an aluminum body and a stainless steel mandrel.

What is a rivnut tool?

Rivnuts provide a secure, lasting rivet insert that takes the place of a threaded hole. Fitting rivnuts is similar to installing blind bolts. Installation is accomplished from one side of the material. Simply insert a rivet nut into the hole and use a rivet nut tool to drive it home.