How does a racing partnership work?

In most partnerships, partners get full access to the stable area and paddock, the chance to meet the trainer(s), and an opportunity to meet jockeys. Another perk of premier partnerships is raceday dining or seating for you and your family and friends at the track.

How do I buy a racehorse share?

Owning part of a racehorse New platforms, such as MyRacehorse, allow investors to purchase shares in horses similar to the way some online brokers allow you to buy fractional shares of stock. By breaking down the ownership into shares, it makes investing in racehorses accessible to more people.

Who is Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners?

Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners is led by Aron Wellman, a licensed attorney in the State of California and lifelong horseman, and Brian Spearman, a 32-year PepsiCo Executive and lifelong horse racing fan turned professional.

How do I get a Thoroughbred racehorse?

The three most common ways to acquire a Thoroughbred are:

  1. Claiming a pre-selected horse at the races.
  2. Bidding at an auction, and.
  3. Private purchase from a breeder or owner.

How do I start a horse racing business?

How to Start a Horse Racing Business

  1. Get a headquarters. Horses require lots of space and special housing.
  2. Obtain a license. You can obtain your license from the state racing commission.
  3. Join the National Thoroughbred Racing Association.
  4. Purchase and breed horses.
  5. Register your horses with the Jockey Club.

Are racehorse shares worth it?

Many say that the price you pay for a share is worth all of the benefits that come with it, including the chance to earn some serious winnings and experience the thrill of racehorse ownership. It is good to go in with an open mind as you may make some return on your investment if they win.

How much does a share in a racehorse cost?

Share costs are dependent on the size of the percentage (from 0.1% to as high as 20.0%)Shares are available in racehorses range from £80.00 up to £5,000.

Who owns Little Red Feather racing?

Founder/Managing Partner Billy Koch was first introduced to the world of horse racing when he was six years old. In fact, his family claims he learned to read by reading the Racing Form.

Who is Starlight racing?

Starlight Racing was founded by Jack and Laurie Wolf and was represented early on by millionaire earner and Kentucky Debry starter Harlan’s Holiday. As a leading partnership in racing they have also campaigned back to back Eclipse Award champion and Kentucky Oaks winner Ashado.

How much do thoroughbreds cost?

approximately $100,000 to $300,000
Thoroughbreds – These racehorses are the most desired among people in the horse business. They are physically ideal, and their bodies are made for races and competitions. You can buy one for approximately $100,000 to $300,000, but you should be prepared for high annual maintenance costs.

How much does it cost to buy shares in a racehorse?

Share costs are dependent on the size of the percentage (from 0.1% to as high as 20.0%)Shares are available in racehorses range from £80.00 up to £5,000. You may need to buy more than one share if you want to qualify to be paid any winnings or want to be more likely to receive free Owners Badges.

How do you become a thoroughbred racehorse owner?

Consider the following points prior to claiming a horse:

  1. Review the jurisdiction’s claiming rules. Claiming rules differ from state to state.
  2. Complete the paperwork. Obtain the proper owner’s license.
  3. Take possession of the horse. Title and risk pass to the new owner immediately upon selection as the successful claim.