How does Pi compare zoos to religion?

Pi narrates, ”I have heard nearly as much nonsense about zoos as I have about God and religion. ” Pi believes that life in the wild is a life of fear, scarcity, and parasites. In comparison, a zoo is like staying at a five-star hotel.

What does the zoo symbolize in Life of Pi?

Thanks to Pi’s experiences with and education about wild animals, he is able to figure out how to survive at sea by respecting the tiger, Richard Parker. The zoo also symbolizes the part of Pi that embraces science.

What faces the same problem as zoos according to Pi?

I know zoos are no longer in people’s good graces. Religion faces the same problem. Certain illusions about freedom plague them both. These words are spoken by Pi early in Part One, at the end of chapter 4 , after a long discussion of zoo enclosures.

How does growing up in a zoo impact Pi’s belief system?

The zoo occupies an important place in Pi’s memory. Indeed, growing up in a zoo shaped his belief system, taught him about animal nature, and imbued in him many significant lessons about the meaning of freedom.

How does piscine link his statement about freedom in zoos to religion?

How does Piscine link his statement about freedom in zoo’s to religion? Zoo’s imprioson animals and deprive them of happiness; religion deprives people of their freedom.

In what ways does Pi’s religious belief parallel the zoo in the story?

In what ways does Pi parallel religious belief in God to the zoo? Suggested Answer: The main parallel that Pi draws between these two things is the true freedom that both provide, even in seeming to restrict it.

In what ways did Pi parallel religious belief in God to the zoo?

What does Pi find appealing about each religion?

Jahan Before his story in the sea begins, Pi explains what drew him to each religion. The thundering power and godliness of the Hindu Gods (and his family that borned him a Hindu), the humanity and bottomless love of Jesus Christ, and the brotherhood and discipline of Islam.

What role does religion play in Pi’s life?

However, these three religions save his life when he meets storm on the sea. Religion is a key component in Pi’s survival because it lets him understand that he has to coexist with other creatures, it leads Pi to accept that even if he did not survive he would be redeemed, and it gives Pi the hope for survival.

How does Piscine link his statement about freedom in zoos to religion?

Why does Pi defend zoos?

Pi defends zoos against people who feel that animals in the wild are happier. He argues that in the wild, animals are at the mercy of many dangers, but in the zoo they have safety and security.