How does the DCCD works in STI?

The Driver’s Control Centre Differential (DCCD) allows the center differential locking of the WRX STI to be dialed in and adjust its handling. It adjusts both an electromagnetic multi-plate transfer clutch and mechanical locking of a Limited Slip Differential (LSD) to distribute torque to the front and rear wheels.

What year STI has DCCD?

DCCD was included in regular global-spec STi Impreza models from 2005-on (and a little earlier in Japanese models, naturally) in the new six-speed manual transmission.

Does WRX have center differential?

Driver Controlled Center Differential (DCCD) Available only on the WRX STI, this drivetrain is the most advanced and sophisticated of the four. With a 41/59 split, it leans more on a rear bias, which is ideal for a sport-focused drive feel.

How do you test for DCCD?

DCCD wiring continuity check: Place the red multimeter lead to the thick black wire, and the black multimeter lead to the thick green wire. Record the value. It should read infinite/mega-Ohm’s or open circuit. Repeat this test moving the red multimeter lead onto the thick white wire, the result should read the same.

What is S and I mode on Subaru?

Custom-tailored performance All Subaru Forester models from 2019 onwards feature with one of two different versions of the SI-DRIVE®, each with two different modes. The Forester Sport benefits from having Intelligent (I) and Sport Sharp (#) modes; all other trim levels utilize Intelligent (I) and Sport (S) modes.

How many differentials does an STI have?

3 differentials
If you have an all wheel drive Subaru like the WRX or STI, your car has 3 differentials that determine how your power is distributed to the wheels.

What is Sport Sharp mode?

Sport Sharp (S#) Mode Sport Sharp Mode extracts maximum potential from the SUBARU BOXER® engine and the transmission — and provides the most immediate response to driver inputs.

What is Subaru sport mode?

Sport (S) Mode In this mode, the throttle opens more quickly compared to Intelligent Mode, resulting in a more direct response to driver input. The system also enables smooth shifts, even acceleration at any speed, solid passing power and a confident driving experience overall.

How does the Subaru AWD system work?

How does Subaru AWD work? The Subaru AWD system is a permanent All-Wheel Drive instead of a part-time one. That means power is going to the wheels at all times instead of only when traction is lost.


With its buttoned-down chassis and all-wheel-drive traction, the STI is more athletic and enjoyable on twisty back roads than the workaday WRX.

What does sports Sharp do in STI?

“Sport” mode provides quick throttle responses and powerful, linear acceleration, making it ideal for everyday sporty driving. In “Sport Sharp” mode, SI-DRIVE modifies the engine’s electronic throttle mapping to deliver super-quick throttle response and put down the power sooner.