How does Toy Story 3 end?

He smiles, and thanks to his toys for a great life together before moving out to college. When Bonnie goes inside with her mother, the toys watch Andy drive away as Woody wishes him a final goodbye, before Woody starts introducing his friends to the rest of Bonnie’s toys, closing the film.

What happened to Buzz in Toy Story 3?

Lotso allows Buzz to go, but when Buzz insists that Andy’s toys go as well, Lotso decides to switch Buzz to Demo mode. This resets Buzz to his original factory settings, causing him to believe he’s a real space ranger under Lotso’s command.

What is the storyline of Toy Story 3?

With their beloved Andy preparing to leave for college, Woody (Kim Seung-jun), Buzz Lightyear (Park Il), Jessie (Ham Soo-jeong), and the rest of the toys find themselves headed for the attic but mistakenly wind up on the curb with the trash. Woody’s quick thinking saves the gang, but all but Woody end up being donated to a day-care center. Unfortunately, the uncontrollable kids do not play nice, so Woody and the gang make plans for a great escape.Toy Story 3 / Film synopsis

Who owns Woody end of Toy Story 3?

At the end of Toy Story 3, Woody and Buzz had spent the entirety of the film on a dangerous quest to return home to their kid, only to realize Andy has decided to give all his toys to Bonnie (Hahn).

How did Bonnie get Woody?

Bonnie is first seen sitting on the front desk at Sunnyside, holding the Monkey in her hand, wanting to see what Ms. Davis (her mother’s friend and Andy’s slightly older mother) is donating. Later, she finds Woody hanging by his string from a tree, and she takes him home to meet her very own toys: Mr.

Who is Bonnie to Andy in Toy Story?

Character information Bonnie Anderson is a major character in the Disney•Pixar Toy Story franchise, first introduced in Toy Story 3. She is a young girl who becomes the owner of Woody, Buzz, and the rest of Andy’s toys after Andy heads off for college.

What is Bonnie’s relation to Andy?