How fast does a Piaggio Fly 50 go?

On the straights stability is good even at the top speed (70 km/h- 43.5 mph). The Fly 50 gives the impression that it will handle comfortably even double the power of the engine.

Is Piaggio Fly a Vespa?

Piaggio is a Vespa on a Budget The blood line of the Piaggio Fly 150 is the Vespa LX 150 but for $1500 less. The exterior is plastic and the Vespa is steel…the guts suspension, frame, brakes, engine and Italian design come from the same house.

How much is a Piaggio Fly?

Motorcycle Insurance:

Model Type Scooter
BASE MSRP(US) $2,899.00
Dealers Piaggio Dealers
Warranty 24

How fast does a Piaggio Fly 150 go?

Meet the Piaggio Liberty 150 With a top speed rated at 61mph, it’s extremely economical when it comes to fuel consumption, and on the environmental side, it also stands up to scrutiny conforming with Euro 4 standards.

Who makes the fly scooter?


2008 Il Bello
Headquarters Oakland, California , United States
Key people Leon Li, Daniel Pak
Products Scooters

What is a fly scooter?

Flyscooters, formerly known under the name Znen, was an American company that marketed gas-powered motor scooters manufactured in China and Taiwan. The company was founded in 2006 in Florida by scooter enthusiasts Leon Li and Daniel Pak, and ceased operations in 2010.

How do you open the glove box on a Piaggio Fly?

How to open the front storage box please? turn key so not in locked position and push key in, or you can remove key and just puch on key barrel like a button.

How much does a Piaggio scooter weigh?

The Piaggio 1 weighs in at 187 pounds, with the 1+ at 198 pounds and the 1 Active at 207 pounds. As a point of comparison, the curb weight on a Honda Metropolitan 50cc scooter is 179 pounds.