How fast is Jose Ramirez?

And now for the 20 biggest under-performers….20 Biggest Sprint Speed Out-performers.

Player Player Ramirez, Jose
Sprint Speed (ft / sec) Sprint Speed (ft / sec) 27.5
SB/SBO SB/SBO 14.53%
Expected SB/SBO Expected SB/SBO 4.61%
Differential Differential 9.92%

Is Jose Ramirez good defensively?

Ramirez is an above-average defender. He registered three defensive runs saved over the COVID-shortened 2020 season (a 162-game pace of about nine) and is on pace for six defensive runs saved this season. He has registered a positive defensive WAR in every year of his MLB career except one.

How fast is Nolan Arenado?


FB 88 mph 84 mph
60 7.18 sec 7.34 sec
IF 85 mph 78 mph

How old is Jose Ramirez?

29 years (September 17, 1992)José Ramírez / Age

How many errors does Jose Ramirez have?

Appeared in 33 games at second base (27 starts), 13 games at third base (12 starts) and his fist 2 career starts in left field….Finished year with 46 games at shortstop (43 starts)…Made just 2 errors in 130 total chances at second base (.985 fielding pct.)…

How old is Devers?

25 years (October 24, 1996)Rafael Devers / Age

How much does Jose Ramirez make?

12 million USD (2022)José Ramírez / Salary

How fast is harrison bader?

29.4 feet/second
2020. National League Ranks: Triples (2, T-10th), Zone Ratingoutfielders (.974, 2nd), outfield assist/game (0.06, 8th), Sprint Speed (29.4 feet/second, 9th), Runs Prevented (4, T-2nd)…

How fast is Yadier Molina?

Molina ranks last in MLB in sprint speed (feet/second) with 20.4, according to Baseball Savant, while Pujols ranks second last with 22.9.

How tall is Jose Ramirez?

5′ 9″José Ramírez / Height