How fast is spreading in debate?

1. “Fast” debaters speak at between 260 and 320 words per minute. This is slightly slower than my estimated (280-340) range. 2.

How do debaters talk so fast?

(Competitive debaters spend hours doing speed drills—holding a pen in the teeth while reading, which forces the tongue to work harder, the mouth to over-enunciate; they practice reading evidence backward so as to uncouple the physical act of vocalization from the effort to comprehend, which slows one down.)

Why do they talk fast in debates?

Spreading is the act of speaking extremely fast during a competitive debating event, with the intent that one’s opponent will be penalized for failing to respond to all arguments raised. It is a portmanteau of “speed” and “reading”.

What is status quo in debate?

With regard to policy debate, it means how conditions are, contrasted with a possible change. For example: “The countries are now trying to maintain the status quo with regard to their nuclear arsenals.” To maintain the status quo is to keep things the way they presently are.

How do you win a debate in high school?

Research their main points. Take notes to help you organize your opponent’s likely thought processes. Focus on the strongest arguments that they will probably have during the debate. Ask neutral others what they think about your opponent’s arguments and note if they agree or disagree with their points and why.

What is speed debating?

One of my favorites is speed debating. This is where you divide the class in half, display a proposition on the board, and then ask one group to defend this and one group to argue against it.

What is the burden of proof in debate?

The burden of proof is the general concept that when you make a claim, you have to back it up. Contrary to popular belief, the burden of proof does not apply only to the Affirmative side in a debate round. Anytime one makes a statement, one is responsible for backing it up.

How do you master debating?

How To Be A Good Debater

  1. Keep Calm. This is the golden rule of debating.
  2. Act Confident. This point applies not just to debating but also to life.
  3. Maintain Proper Body Language.
  4. Know The Form Of The Debate.
  5. Use Of Debate Jargons.
  6. Work On Emotions.
  7. Speak Loud And Clear.
  8. Keep The Topic On Track.