How hard is the Michigan motorcycle test?

There are 20 questions on the Michigan motorcycle permit test, and you will need at least 16 (80%) correct answers to pass.

How do I pass my motorcycle test in Michigan?

Complete an approved Michigan Rider Education Program (MI-REP) training course, or. Obtain a motorcycle Temporary Instruction Permit (CY TIP) at a Secretary of State office, practice riding with an experienced motorcyclist for up to 180 days and pass a rider skills test offered by an approved driver testing business.

What does the Michigan motorcycle skills test consist of?

This test consists of four riding exercises that measure your motorcycle control and hazard response skills. The final two exercises involve speeds of about 15 mph. You will be scored on time and distance standards as well as path and foot down violations.

What is needed to get a motorcycle license in Michigan?

Be at least age 16. Hold a valid Michigan driver’s license. Pass the vision test and motorcycle knowledge test. Pay the application fee ($16)

Do you need a cycle endorsement in Michigan?

In Michigan, residents do not need to obtain a separate license in order to ride a motorcycle. However, they must have a CY endorsement on their driver’s license in order to ride legally….Office Hours.

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How old do you have to be to get your motorcycle license in Michigan?

16 years old or
Michigan motorcycle laws To legally drive a motorcycle in Michigan, drivers must have a valid motorcycle endorsement on their driver’s license. Before getting the endorsement, you’ll need to get a temporary instruction permit for a motorcycle. Anyone 16 years old or older can get this permit.

Is lane splitting legal in Michigan?

Lane sharing is legal for motorcycles in Michigan, as long as the number is limited to two motorcycles riding abreast in the same lane. Lane splitting, in which a motorcycle rides in between lanes of traffic on the dotted white line, is not legal in Michigan.