How heavy is the EC 1000?

9.5 pounds
Product information

Item Weight 9.5 pounds
Scale Length 24.75″ Scale
String Material Nickel Steel
Top Material Mahogany
Neck Material Type Mahogany

What does ESP stand for in ESP Guitars?

Electric Sound Products
In 1975, Hisatake Shibuya opened a shop called Electric Sound Products (ESP) in Tokyo, Japan, which provided custom replacement parts for guitars. At this time, ESP also began making guitars under the ESP and Navigator brand in the Japanese market.

Where is ESP LTD EC 1000 made?

So it came to my attention recently that ESP moved the production of some of their 1000 series LTDs from Korea to Indonesia. And although the Indonesian factory is catching up in terms of quality, their consistency is far behind.

How heavy is a Les Paul?

between 9-12 lbs
A typical Gibson Les Paul weighs between 9-12 lbs (4 – 5.5 kg). When compared to the other types of guitars below, it should be obvious how much heavier a Les Paul can be. What is this? The heavy weight of a Les Paul is due to the thick body design and the use of mahogany for the body.

What is the scale length of a Fender Stratocaster?

What Are The Most Common Guitar Scale Lengths?

Guitar Brand/Model Scale Length (inches)
Fender Stratocaster / Telecaster / Jazzmaster / Lead 25.5
Schecter, Ibanez, ESP & Chapman (various 7-string guitars) 26.5
Reverend (various baritone guitars) 26.75
Ibanez & ESP (various 8-string guitars) 27

Which ESP guitars are made in Japan?

The New ESP Standard! ESP E-II is simply a new name for that same series of guitars and basses. Just as it’s always been, all E-II models are made in Japan at our ESP-owned factory as our ESP Standard guitars and basses were.