How is a Brostrom procedure done?

This procedure is performed through an incision on the outside of the ankle. The incision is opened up down to the ankle joint. The anterior talofibular ligament is identified and tightened. This is done by cutting the ligament and repairing it in a tightened position with strong non-absorbable sutures.

How long does a Brostrom procedure take?

The surgery takes around 45 min. The surgical incision is closed with absorbable sutures. During surgery a tourniquet is wrapped around your upper thigh to stop blood obscuring the operative filed. You may sometimes feel some soreness around your thigh for a day or two post op as a result.

Is Brostrom procedure painful?

Is Ankle Reconstruction Surgery Painful? The short answer is yes as the damaged ligaments are removed, holes are drilled into the bones and tendons are harvested from different body sites. Then there are the crutches followed by walking boot and extensive physical therapy.

Is brostrom surgery painful?

How is a Brostrom-Gould repair performed?

OPTIONAL IMPLANT SYSTEMS: Surgeons may choose to either augment their Brostrom-Gould repair with an InternalBrace™ligament augmentation procedure or perform a complete allograft/autograft ligament reconstruction along with the repair utilizing

What is the difference between Gould modified repair and Broström repair?

The Brostrӧm repair is an anatomic repair of both the ATFL and CFL, while the Gould Modified repair includes advancement of the extensor retinaculum to strengthen the repair.4 The goal of the procedure is to achieve anatomical stability of the talocrural and subtalar joints.

What is the Brostrom procedure?

A Brostrom procedure is an anatomical lateral ligament surgical reconstruction commonly performedfor lateral ankle instability and/or in case of failure of conservative management for chronic ankle instability. Several factors may contribute

What is the Brostrom-Gould technique for lateral ankle ligament reconstruction?

Modified Brostrom-Gould Technique for Lateral Ankle Ligament Reconstruction Pass the FiberWire®suture with needles through the ATFL, CFL, and the capsule and advance onto the distal fibula.