How is fuel surcharge calculated FedEx?

As one would expect, FedEx calculates their fuel surcharge based on the cost of fuel. Specifically, FedEx uses the U.S. on-highway average price for a gallon of Diesel Fuel for Ground shipments and the U.S. Gulf Coast (USGC) spot price for a gallon of kerosene-type jet fuel for Express.

How do I avoid FedEx residential surcharge?

For example, the shipping service options UPS SurePost and FedEx SmartPost. These utilize the United States Postal Service (USPS) to make final-mile delivery. Therefore, if you are a large volume shipper, optimizing your carrier contract is the way to reduce FedEx residential delivery surcharges.

Why did FedEx charge me more?

Many FedEx shippers see an additional handling charge on their FedEx invoice and wonder what it is and why it is so expensive. Additional handling charges are an added fee because the package did not conform to FedEx’s characteristics. They have to treat the box differently than the rest.

Does fuel surcharge vary?

What is a freight fuel surcharge? Fuel costs fluctuate every day – hourly even. To make up for this unpredictability, freight carriers add a fuel surcharge to account for cost changes from the time of booking your freight to the time of delivery.

What is the current fuel surcharge rate?

At Least But Less Than Fuel Surcharge
$ 1.501 $ 1.55 0.00%
$ 1.551 $ 1.60 0.50%
$ 1.601 $ 1.65 1.00%
$ 1.651 $ 1.70 1.50%

What is current fuel surcharge?

At Least But Less Than Fuel Surcharge
$ 3.951 $ 4.00 24.50%
$ 4.001 $ 4.05 25.00%
$ 4.051 $ 4.10 25.50%
$ 4.101 $ 4.15 26.00%

What is the FedEx residential surcharge?

Residential surcharges are applied to FedEx and UPS services and typically cost about $4.00. However, USPS does not charge residential surcharges….How much is FedEx’s residential surcharge?

FedEx Service Residential Surcharge Rate
FedEx Home Delivery $4.00 (included in base rate)
FedEx Express Package $4.65

Can you dispute FedEx charges?

With FedEx® Billing Online, you can dispute an invoice or shipment – once you’ve sent a request, we aim to get back to you within three to five business days. Please note that any disputes related to invoices should be submitted by the sender within 30 days from the date of the invoice or the invoice due date.

What is a FedEx surcharge?

$4.30 per package. $4.80 per package. Delivery Area Surcharge. (continued) Maximum charge with FedEx Express.