How is leave salary calculated in Zambia?

Under the new employment code, the leave formula is calculated by full working day multiplied by the total number of leave days divided by 26.

Who is entitled to severance in Zambia?

An employee’s contract of service shall terminate where the employee refuses to be transferred to another employer and such employee shall be entitled to a severance pay; this is pursuant to section 29 of the Employment Code Act.

What is the minimum wage in Zambia for 2021?

The minimum wage in Zambia is provided for under the Minimum Wages and Conditions of Service Act, Cap 276 of the Laws of Zambia. The prevailing minimum wages range between ZMW 420 (i.e. about US$ 43) and ZMW 1445 (i.e. about US$147.4) {GRZ, Statutory Instrument No.

How is redundancy package calculated in Zambia?

Employees are entitled to “a minimum redundancy payment of not less than two months’ pay for every year served and other benefits the employee is entitled to as compensation for loss of employment.”

How much is gratuity in Zambia?

An employer shall at the end of a long-term contract period, pay an employee gratuity at a rate of not less than 25% of the employee’s basic pay earned during the period of the contract.

How is severance calculated in Zambia?

The employer shall at the end of the fixed term contract pay an employee a severance pay in the form of gratuity at the rate of 25% or a retirement benefit provided by the relevant social security scheme and where a contract of fixed duration is terminated, gratuity shall be paid at a prorated rate.

Is an employee who resigned entitled to separation pay?

Thus, the elementary rule is that an employee who voluntarily resigns from employment is not entitled to separation pay, except when it is stipulated in the employment contract or Collective Bargaining Agreement or based on established employer practice in the company.

What is basic salary in Zambia?

Zambia’s minimum wage is determined by category of employment. 522,400 Zambian kwacha per month for domestic workers,1,132,400 Zambian kwacha per month for shopkeepers,and between 1,132,400 and 2,101,039 Zambian kwacha for general workers’ in 5 seperate categories .

What is the difference between retrenchment and redundancy?

Redeployment – the process of an employee taking up acceptable alternative employment either with the employer or an associated entity of the employer. Retrenchment – an employer has dismissed an employee because their position is redundant (and that employee was unable to be redeployed).