How long do Down syndrome people love?

People with Down syndrome can expect to live to 60 These days, their life expectancy is 60 years and a baby born with Down syndrome could live into their 80s — in line with the general population. People with Down syndrome don’t ‘all look the same’.

Why are Down syndrome so flexible?

The ligaments that hold the bones together in the joints of children with Down Syndrome are longer than usual resulting in increased flexibility in joints. This is very noticeable in a child with Down Syndrome’s hips, feet and shoulders.

Who is a famous person with Down syndrome?


Names Details
Jay Beatty Celtic F.C. fan
Jamie Brewer Actress who appeared in American Horror Story: Murder House and American Horror Story: Coven
Chris Burke Actor and folk singer, best known for his role in Life Goes On as character Charles “Corky” Thacher
John Cronin Entrepreneur who started John’s Crazy Socks

What are the strengths of Down syndrome?

High capacity for empathy and social understanding. Strong visual short-term memory. Steady vocabulary acquisition. Age-appropriate self-help and daily living skills.

Are people with Down syndrome infertile?

Affected individuals rarely reproduce. About 15-30% of females with trisomy 21 are fertile and have up to a 50% risk of having child also affected with trisomy 21. Infertility in males has been attributed to defective spermatogenesis, but ignorance of the sexual act may be one of the contributing factors.

Can someone with Downs get married?

In fact, their family believes they might have had one of the longest marriages of any couple with Down syndrome. And one of the happiest marriages of anyone — with Down syndrome or without. Paul Scharoun-DeForge died last month after 25 years of marriage to his sweetheart.