How long does EWP last Qld?

5 years
How long does an EWP licence last? Your EWP licence is valid for 5 years* from issue of licence.

Do I need a licence to operate a scissor lift in Qld?

No. There is no requirement to hold a WP High Risk Work Licence to operate a scissor lift. However it is necessary to be trained and familiar with in the equipment you are using. Training can be obtained by undertaking an EWPA Yellow Card course.

How long is EWP course?

two days
A: Our NSW EWP course is made up of two days training and one day of assessment. Participants will be required to successfully complete a series of SafeWork NSW mandated assessment items.

Do you need a yellow card for EWP?

National unit of competency You do not require a Yellow Card to operate an EWP or scissor lift.

What is Ewp yellow card?

You are here: The Yellow Card Training Program has been designed for people needing to develop the skills and knowledge required to operate Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs or commonly known as EWPs).

Does Ewp expire?

EWPA Yellow Cards produced after 1 July 2013 have a photo ID and 5-year expiry. If you hold the photo ID version of the EWPA Yellow Card you are eligible to renew your Yellow Card.

What is EWP yellow card?

Is working at heights and EWP the same?

EWP tickets are licences to operate Elevated Work Platforms. The nature of this title can often confuse new people entering the industry, with an alternate qualification – working safely at heights.

How much is an EWP?

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What do I need to operate an EWP?

What licence do I need to operate an EWP?

  1. EWPA Yellow Card trained operator licence.
  2. High Risk Work Licence class WP.

How do I get an EWP yellow card?

An interim record of training from the EWPA will be emailed to you upon approval of your licence by the EWPA and this can be used when operating a MEWP until you receive your yellow card. The Yellow card will be posted to your supplied address.