How long does it take to go from dark to light hair?

“If you have virgin hair, it may take just one session,” Richardson says. “If there is previous hair color or chemical services, and the desired shade of blonde is super light, it can take two or three sessions… or even more if the color was put over preexisting highlights or bleached hair.”

How many sessions does it take to lighten dark hair?

For example, going from dark brown to light blonde hair may require three to four sessions.

Can dark hair become lighter?

How To Make Dark Brown Hair Lighter. Changing up your hair color can be an exciting process and there are several methods you can use to do so — ranging from hair bleach, dye, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and more. If you prefer staying away from bleach and hair dye, opt for natural hair lightening methods instead …

Is it hard to go from dark hair to light?

For Dark Brown Hair: If you have dark brown hair, transitioning to blonde will require some patience, but it’s totally doable. If you’re getting your hair colored at the salon, you’ll definitely need to book a few appointments to transform your strands.

Can dark Brunettes go blonde?

So can anyone go from brunette to blonde? Yes, anyone can, according to Kattia Solano, founder and lead colorist at Butterfly Studio Salon in New York City, as long as you consider a few key factors: Your hair color history.

What are the seven stages of lightening?

The Color Stages of Lightening Dark Hair

  • Stage 1: Black or Darkest Brown Color.
  • Stage 2: Dark Brown Color.
  • Stage 3: Light Brown Color.
  • Stage 4: Dark Blonde Color.
  • Stage 5: Medium Blonde Color.
  • Stage 6: Light Blonde Color.
  • Stage 7: Platinum or Icy Blonde/White Color.
  • Tips to Choose the Right Color Shade for You.

What are the 10 stages of hair lightening?

Here are the stages:

  • Medium Brown. Medium brown is the color at the end of the bleaching when starting from black, or a dark brown.
  • Light Brown.
  • Dark Blond.
  • Medium Blond.
  • Light Blond.
  • Very Light Blond.
  • Extra Light Blond, Silver, or White.

Can Brunettes go blonde?

Can you have virgin hair again?

Once you have processed or color-treated hair, it can never go back to being virgin. That’s right, once you’ve dyed your hair, even just once, you lose your virgin strands forever. Virgin hair is a hair colorist’s dream because it’s also much easier to color hair that doesn’t already have dye on it.