How long does it take to recover from mallet finger surgery?

Recovery. It should take 6 to 8 weeks for your finger to heal, after which time you’ll be able to use it again. You may be advised to continue to only wear the splint at night for up to 4 more weeks.

How do they surgically fix a mallet finger?

Surgical Treatment It is not common to treat a mallet finger surgically if bone fragments or fractures are not present. Surgical treatment of the damaged tendon usually requires a tendon graft — tendon tissue that is taken (harvested) from another part of your body — or even fusing the joint straight.

Is mallet finger surgery successful?

Successful outcomes of surgical treatment for acute mallet finger averaged about 85 percent in 3 studies (60 pooled digits) and about 73 percent in 5 studies of chronic or recurrent mallet finger.

How do you know if your mallet finger needs surgery?

Surgery may be considered when a mallet finger injury has a large bone fragment or the joint is not properly aligned. In these cases, wires or small screws are used to realign the joint (see Figure 4). Surgery may also be considered if wearing a splint is difficult or was not previously successful.

Do you get a cast after finger surgery?

After surgery, you will be in a bulky dressing (bandage) with a plaster splint that covers your fingers, wrist and forearm. The splint is similar to a cast. The splint can not be removed and must be kept dry.

Can you drive after mallet finger surgery?

Activity: You can use your hand for light activities such as driving, getting dressed, typing, etc. You may do light aerobic activities as soon as one to two days after surgery.

What happens if mallet finger goes untreated?

If left untreated, mallet finger leads to a swan neck deformity from PIP joint hyper extension and DIP joint flexion. Most mallet finger injuries can be managed non-surgically, but occasionally surgery is recommended for either an acute or a chronic mallet finger or for salvage of failed prior treatment.

Is mallet finger a disability?

If mallet finger deformity is left untreated, some degree of drop finger ultimately remains, per- manent. In the untreated cases this disability varies in degree, with regard to the patient’s activity and occupation.

How long does pain last after finger surgery?

This feeling will probably get better in a few days, but it may take several months to completely go away. Your doctor will take out your stitches 1 to 2 weeks after surgery. It will probably take about 6 weeks for your finger to heal completely. After it heals, your finger may move easily without pain.

Can an old mallet finger be straightened?

Most of the time, a mallet finger can be fixed by using an orthosis (or splint) that holds it straight for a several weeks; however, sometimes it can be more serious, which is why it is a good idea to have it professionally evaluated.