How long does it take to run up Lions Head?

roughly 1.5 to 2.5 hours
CHOOSE YOUR ROUTE, FROM BEGINNER TO MODERATE The hike takes roughly 1.5 to 2.5 hours up and down, depending on your level of fitness and how long you spend on top. The main routes start from the parking area on Signal Hill Road.

How steep are lions heads?

The Lion’s Head hiking trail is 5 Km (3.1 mi) both ways and the elevation gained is 369m. The trail has basically three different parts: a steep gravel path (the easiest part), followed by wide steps (gravel and then rocks) and finally the ladders, staples and chains (the most demanding part).

Where does the Lions Head trail start?

Where to start the Lion’s Head hike. The hike conveniently begins at the Lion’s Head parking lot, which can be reached via the Lion’s Head / Signal Hill turn-off from Kloof Nek Road. From there, make your way up to the summit and back down again.

Can you hike up Lions Head without a guide?

You don’t need a guide. The trail going up Lion’s head is a screwtop: you’ll be circling the mountain getting to the top. This means you’re getting views in all directions. At a certain point the dirt path gives way to rocks and you have to step up, sometimes even use your hands to climb. Nothing hard though.

Can you hike Lions Head without a guide?

People come to see Lion’s Head mountain as an attraction but also to hike the mountain. Hiking is a high risk outdoors adventure activity, which requires a guide – our services included guided hikes and adventure tours. Hike Lion’s Head – is excited to take you on a guided hike up one of Cape Town’s best hiking trails.

How fit do you need to be to climb Lions Head?

If you are an average fitness level and are able to complete moderate intensity exercise then Lion’s Head hike will be possible in the aforementioned time of an average of 2-3 hours.

Is Lions Head safe to hike alone?

SAFETY TIP NUMBER ONE: NEVER HIKE ALONE. To hike up Lion’s Head is no different and you will want to bring a hiking buddy or guide along to look out for your safety. It would be in your best interests and also part of the experience to have a competent and knowledgeable person present who understands mountain safety.

What is the best time to hike Lions Head?

The best time to Hike Lion’s Head is sunrise or sunset. The time it takes to hike Lion’s Head is estimated at 2-3 hours. If you join our sunset hike starting at around 4:30 PM, you will see the moon and stars rise over the city of Cape Town during your decent down the mountain.

How many calories do you burn hiking Lions Head?

Located at less than 5 km away from the City Bowl, Lion’s Head hike allows you a quick escape and a fast way to burn up to 750 calories.

Can kids do Lions Head hike?

Toward the end, it can get very challenging for the little ones. However you can hike up and have a great view even before it gets too steep. If your kid likes walking and some “adventure”, I saw quite a few little ones enjoying the hike.

How many km is Lions Head hike?

5.5 km
The Lion’s Head hiking trail is 5.5 km both ways. The 5.5 km hiking trail is a round loop. Two different routes to reach the top of Lion’s Head mountain are available. Lion’s Head routes to choose from include the Chains and the Spiral Route.