How long is a divemaster internship?

The Divemaster Course Internship Program costs an average of $1,310.00 for a 4-week duration. Visa, accommodation and daily food are exclusive. Typically, the dive center or dive resort will give you a special discounted price if you need to rent dive equipment throughout the Internship Program.

How much does it cost to become a divemaster?

Course Name Cost
Divemaster $800
Divemaster eLearning Already an elearning student? Click here to login $397 eLearning $800 Dockside Total cost $1,197
Dive Theory eLearning Already an elearning student? Click here to login $150 eLearning
Divemaster Internship $1,995

How can I dive for free?

Freediving or breath-hold diving is a method of underwater diving that does not require the help of a breathing apparatus. Instead of using an air tank, you simply hold your breath for as long can until you return to the surface. With freediving, you can only travel as far as the air in your lungs will take you.

What do you do after divemaster?

Once you’ve completed your divemaster training, the next step on the scuba-learning ladder is becoming an instructor.

Does divemaster certification expire?

If you can’t access ReActivate, or can’t access in your language your PADI Instructor can still complete a scuba skills review with you, and you can refresh your diving knowledge with Scuba Tune-Up Online. *Your PADI certification does not expire.

Can you make money as a divemaster?

Let’s begin with the most obvious one. You can earn money working as a dive instructor or dive guide either freelancing or at a dive base. If you are a certified scuba diver, you should already have an idea of the tasks and responsibilities these jobs involve. Being a dive instructor is a lot of fun!

How do scuba divers make money?

A dive coordinator, training coordinator, or course director are advanced courses available for experienced instructors. While these positions involve a mix of diving and office work, they also offer the chance to earn a slightly higher salary than a line instructor and salaries can range from $35,000 to $70,000.