How long is a Jaguar X-Type estate?

185.5 in

Jaguar X-Type
Transmission 5-speed manual 6-speed manual 5-speed Jatco FPD automatic 6-speed Aisin AWTF-80 SC automatic
Wheelbase 106.7 in (2,710 mm)
Length Saloon (’01-’08): 4,672 mm (183.9 in) Saloon (’08-’09): 4,716 mm (185.7 in) Estate (’04-’09): 185.5 in (4,710 mm)

What are the dimensions of a Jaguar X-Type?

The station wagon body-styled Jaguar X-Type measures 4716 mm (185.67 in.) in length, 1789 mm (70.43 in.) in width, and 1483 mm (58.39 in.) in height.

Will Jaguar X-Type become a classic?

With the earliest examples now around 20 years old, the Jaguar X-Type is old enough to qualify for modern classic status – something reinforced by its significance to Jaguar and its continued survival as a brand.

Is a Jaguar a Ford Mondeo?

The Jaguar X-type is based on a modified Mondeo floorpan. The rear suspension is from the Mondeo estate, the engine is derived from the Mondeo’s V6, and the gearbox is from the corporate parts bin.

Are Jaguar Cars collectible?

THE Jaguar E-Type can tick all the boxes for almost any car collector. Beautiful, fast and descended from a line of Le Mans-winning racecars, only their lack of rarity — more than 72,000 were built from 1961-74 — keeps them off the A-list of collectible European sports cars.

What year did Ford stop making Jaguar?

Ford owned Jaguar Cars, also buying Land Rover in 2000, until 2008 when it sold both to Tata Motors. Tata created Jaguar Land Rover as a subsidiary holding company….Jaguar Cars.

Formerly S.S. Cars Limited (1933–1945)
Defunct 31 December 2012
Fate Merged with Land Rover
Successor Jaguar Land Rover
Headquarters Whitley , England

Are Jaguars expensive to maintain?

Jaguar Maintenance Costs Jaguar models average around $17,636 for maintenance and repair costs during their first 10 years of service. This is more than the industry average for luxury brands by $5,592. There is also a 40.54% chance that a Jaguar will require a major repair during that time.