How long is the flight from UK to Greenland?

Average direct flight time is 4 hours 44 minutes. The fastest direct flight from London to Greenland is 4 hours 44 minutes.

How do I get to Kangerlussuaq Greenland?

The largest and busiest airport in Greenland is Kangerlussuaq Airport just north of the polar circle. This is the main traffic connection to Greenland and the perfect place to start your Greenland trip. You can get here by plane from Copenhagen all year round.

Can you fly to Nuuk from UK?

For travelling on business or for pleasure, Expedia makes it easy to book your flights from London to Nuuk. Operating between them flights per day, 20 airlines cover the route. And fly direct, getting you to Nuuk in just hours.

Can you fly from London to Greenland?

What is the London to Greenland flight time? Flying from London to Iceland’s Keflavík International Airport takes a little over 3 hours, with a distance of approx 1180 miles (1900 kilometres). Flight times from Iceland to Greenland are 2-3 hours.

How do I get to Nuuk?

You can fly to Nuuk from either Iceland or Denmark. Flights from Iceland are direct and can be booked with either Air Greenland (out of Keflavik International Airport) or Air Iceland Connect (Reykjavik Domestic Airport). Flights from Denmark are operated by Air Greenland and arrive at Nuuk via Kangerlussuaq.

Can you fly to Greenland from UK?

There are no direct flights from the UK to Greenland – the majority of flights go via Iceland or, for West Greenland, via Copenhagen. If you’re travelling to East Greenland, your flight from Iceland will arrive/depart from Kulusuk.

How do I get to Greenland from UK?

Can you holiday in Greenland?

In short, Greenland is more fascinating and beautiful than I ever thought it would be. And while it’s still much more “wild” and remote than some of the more popular destinations I’ve traveled to, Greenland is still quite tourist-friendly and easier to travel to than you probably think.